Thursday, August 21, 2014

Introducing The Guildery,Inc and Sarah & Ruby Design Studio!!!

Last year when Traci Zeller and I designed the gentleman's dressing room in the Traditional Home Show House, the custom wallpaper in our room featuring the original architectural drawings of the home, was made possible by collaboration and generosity of  Sarah and Ruby Design Studio. Sarah and Ruby are a delightful team of talented women.  They made the process so easy for us.  If you want to create a custom wallpaper or fabric project for a project, I highly recommend this talented duo.  Click over to their website to see their amazing work!  Yesterday, I received an email from them and was excited to hear about their new venture with THE GUILDERY, INC.  

Sarah and Ruby's colorful, hand-painted watercolor patterns are now available on pillows, ottomans, benches, lamps and draperies through The Guildery, Inc.  Do you know about The Guildery, Inc?    The Guildery officially launched this month with founders Shane Reilly, founder of Decorati and Kelly Berger, founder of Tinyprints.  The company curates exclusive pattern from leading artists, then produces high quality textiles and upholstered accessories on-demand.  In other words, they make it simple for design enthusiasts to finish a room with beautiful designer,color-coordinated.  You have a choice of shopping by color family, fabric, style or theme.  The Guildery,Inc also provides suggested paint colors so you don't have to guess at what color to paint your walls to match their products.  It's like decorating a room with the tricky part of the design plan done for you.   Check out their website here! There are over 30 collections currently available.   When I popped over to check out Sarah and Ruby's designs I was wowed!  Here are some of Sarah and Ruby's beautiful designs!

 The Taffeta pattern is a favorite of mine! It comes in six color ways. 

To see the entire collection click here.  Make sure you click over and check out the Sarah and Ruby on The Guildery, Inc.  It's pretty fabulous.  I guess you are wondering if I am a designer why I would suggest a site, that totally takes the designer out of the equation, right?  Let's face it, there are those who want to hire a designer, because they recognize the value in it and those that don't or can't afford to hire a designer.  I don't have a problem with those that don't want to hire a designer, but I do have a problem with bad design.  If you are going to do it yourself, why not look to somewhere like The Guildery, Inc who has created  a fabulous alternative for the DIY-er to  have a fabulous finished room.  My guess is designers will be buying some of these pretty fabrics as well.  I know I have my eye on the Taffeta pattern by Sarah and Ruby a project.  

Of course, if you see fabrics or products you like on The Guildery,Inc and want to hire a designer to help you put together a well designed project, please contact me!  I would love to help create the room of your dreams! 

 The Guildery is offering a promotion for the next couple of weeks:
 use the promo code PREVIEW for 20% off.

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  1. Ohhhhhh.....LOVE that Taffeta design. I'm a sucker for anything that has dimension and movement wrapped into one print. Hats off for the very clever move to create a collaboration for DIY - that is high design and won't look DIY! Headed to their site now...

  2. What a great source, thanks for sharing!!


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