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12 Ways to Organize Your Desk - Motivation Monday

Kids are back in school and I am in a cleaning and organizing frenzy both at the office and at home.  I am taking one day at a time and rethinking all my spaces.  Today I am focusing on my work space.  I will admit when I get busy, my work space is the first place that gets out of whack.  I am so happy to finally have an office away from the house, but that doesn't mean I don't still have a work space at home.  We still have to pay bills and keep our family calendar don't we?   I find when I like my work space I am more apt to keep things organized.  Often, my work space at home is my breakfast room table and not a desk are you like that?  Do you carve out a space in your dining room or breakfast room or do you have a specified desk at home?  What about your work desk?  Are you like me and  your work spaces need sprucing up?  Hang tight and see what I suggest to help you get organized.  Hopefully, you will find some things you like!

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Where do you like to work?  Do you have an office or do you work from home?  Wherever you work, the key to being efficient is having the right tools and being organized.  If you don't have an office keep a rolling caddy nearby with all your tools in it.  You can keep the caddy in a closet and roll it out as you need it.  

Portable Rolling Cart

Rolling Cart
Rolling carts are the best!  Traci and I use them in our studio.  We have one from Ikea we love.  It is painted aqua.  There is a picture of it in this post if you have forgotten what it looks like.  We love our rolling cart.  So convenient!  Do you have one you love?

If you have a desk where you can keep things out all the time,  here are some of my favorite tools and storage ideas to stay efficient and organized.

Gold Foil Feather Stationery
 Writing notes is easier when you have pretty stationery at the ready.  I love this gold foil stationery with feathers which is so on trend right now.
Feather Paper weight
Loving this feather paperweight.  Looks like it fell out of an angel wing
 and landed on your desk.  

Personalized notepads
You know how much I like monogrammed and personalized items.  Notepads are a must!
Especially loving these with blue and green which happens to be my favorite color combo.
Lucite Tape Dispenser
Clear tape + clear dispenser = lovely desk accessory!
Kate Spade File Folders
 Fun folders make the boring task of filing so much more pleasant!

Silver Mint Julep Cup - perfect for desk flowers

Ok, so may be it is a southern thing but i do love flowers in a mint julep cup and this silver one is the perfect size for a desk top arrangement of fresh stems. 
Gold Scissors

Who doesn't want to feel like they have the Midas touch?  These gold scissors are
so much fun!  They are also available here.  Traci and I have gold paper clips too.
If you are into color try these scissors, they are really cool too!
Acrylic Pen/Pencil Holder
I adore acrylic for a desk.  I don't know why but clear objects make things seem so much cleaner!  This acrylic pencil holder is perfect for holding my perfectly chiseled pencils. 
Personalized of course!  Click here for the pencils I like.
Brass Giselle Bookends
I like to keep a few books on my desk accessible as needed.  These Dwell giselle bookends are perfect! 
Click Here for details

This cute little lizard letter opener is ready to unseal your fall invitations.  Save your nails and avoid paper cuts by letting him do all the work.

Are you in an organizing mode?  Did you find some items you need to stock up on to make your workspace more fun?  What do you like?  Can you share any tips with me for organizing your workspace?  One of the best tips I have ever been given, is to sort mail immediately and put any junk mail or sales flyers in the recycling bin on your way in from the mailbox.  I do this, but don't understand why I am still fighting clutter?  

Here's a tip that I have enjoyed to reduce clutter...
I take a picture of invitations and then upload the pictures on a private Pinterest Board called Social Invitations.  Whenever I want to view the invitation, I know where to find it and it isn't cluttering my desk!

If you still need motivation try this book, click here.

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