Sunday, December 29, 2013

What Was In The Boxes & How to Store Radko Ornaments

Remember the wrapped Radko ornaments my mom uses at each place setting for Christmas Day tables?  I had several people write and asked what the ornaments were in the box, so here they are:

Bryant got  "Midnight Trip" which is a beautiful large blue world wall with Santa and Sleigh wrapping around it.  

My ornament was "Ready for Takeoff" and is a beautiful Santa sleigh packed with goodies
and ready for Santa's trip around the world.

Rebekah got "Perfect Timing Nick" which I particularly liked because it
has 2013 on it.  He is a cute Santa with a lively look.

Hiller and Thomas got the same ornament which was "Tree Trimming Party" and
features Santa and the Elves around the Christmas tree. 

 We will treasure these ornaments each year when we unbox them to decorate our tree.  When I pack them I always write on each tag the receivers name and the year.  (And yes, I do leave the tags on) It's nice have a tradition the entire family can enjoy.  I think that is what holidays especially Christmas are all about.  Do you have special traditions your family enjoy during the holidays? I would love for you to share them!   We will leave the tree up for another week but after that, it will be time to undecorated and box up the ornaments. 
Do you collect Christopher Radko ornaments?  If so have you read how to care for them?  If not, click here for care and storage recommended by the Radko company. Do you have a special type ornament box you like to use to store special ornaments?  Here are my favorites:

For vintage ornaments or glass ornaments like Radkos they should be stored in Archival ornament boxes with archival shred and paper.  Here are my favorites:

For other ornaments these are great:

Make sure you store vintage or collectors ornaments in controlled environments
 not attics or basements.  

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  1. much needed, I got sick for the 3 time in 5 years on the 20th and deciding it had to be a xmas tree allergy I yanked my gorgeous Radko covered tree apart and tossed it to the porch. In my angry haste I simply stacked all the Radko's in a big box, what a big no-no. My sweet hubby and kids let me sleep and put them up. Loved the post, Debra

    1. WOW, THAT'S NO FUN! UGH! hope you are feeling better. what a sweet family to pack up your ornaments. Funny how when we are sick, we don't' feel like doing anything do we other than getting in our bed. Hope you buy an artificial tree next year!

  2. Do you collect Christopher Radko ornaments? If so have you read how to care for them? If not, click here for care and storage recommended by ...


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