Monday, December 16, 2013

Wanna Take a Peek.....

Wow! Christmas is upon us!  I can't believe it!  I can truthfully say, this is the latest I have ever finished decorating my own house.  My original plan was to share photos of my own decorations with you, but funny how that hasn't happened yet!  The tricky part is actually getting decorated and that wasn't happening in a timely manner.  I finally got my breakfast room table finished the end of last week, so I thought I would at least share that tiny piece of my holiday decorating puzzle.  Hopefully, there will be more to come if the tree and all the fresh greens don't die before I get them photographed.
The breakfast room is one of my favorite places to be whimsical with holiday decorations since that is where our family gathers for meals.  I like to use colors that mimic the multicolored lights on our Christmas tree, because the tree is visible from our breakfast table.  These table decorations are inexpensive and easy to create.  As my 12 yr old Thomas would say, these decorations are "easy peasy".  Anyone can do this whether crafty or not.

The ornaments are made of plastic and came from TargetI bought a couple of boxes of various sized solid and patterned balls  as well as these cute little star ornaments in the same colors to mix together.  I don't remember but I probably didn't spend more than $20

My goal was to have every color found in a box of crayons.
I chose these particular ornaments because of all colors, even pink and orange.
I admit I did add a few separate ornaments to round out the rainbow effect.

The centerpiece dish holding the ornaments came from Homegoods.  I found it there one day in the glass section for 14.99.  In years past, I have also used a large clear glass hurricane from Crate & Barrel with a big pillar candle in the center.  When I used the hurricane, I tucked small ornaments around the base of the candle.  

Here is a close up of the centerpiece.  I may tuck some greenery among the ornaments
for Christmas Eve.

It's always nice to use unexpected items around the centerpiece.  This cute little Santa was a gift from my friend Andrea years ago.  He is always stationed in a fun little spot somewhere
in our home during Christmas.  Nostalgic items and keepsakes add a personal touch to decorations and serves as a reminder of the occasion or giftor.

 My husband says if he stands still long enough he might get decorated too.  It's true I like to decorate everything in my house!  Editing is not my strong suit during the holidays.  I even like to decorate the chandeliers.  The chandelier in the breakfast room is adorned with star ornaments hanging from gold ribbon at various lengths and "Pottery Barn" reindeer ornaments.  I love how the reindeer look like they are dancing around the chandelier.  There's Dasher in the front, Blitzen on the right followed by Vixen, Prancer and Donner. 

 Here's a little trivia for you, did you know that originally Santa's last two reindeer were named Dunder and Blixem in "A Visit from St. Nicholas" which was written in 1823, then their names were changed to Donder and Blitzen in 1844 by Clement Clarke Moore who is credited as being the author of  the poem?  The debate continues on whether Moore actually wrote the poem in question.   In 1949, their names were changed again to Donner and Blitzen in the song "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".  Did you know that Donner and Blitzen are german for "thunder and lightning" ?

 This is what I love about the holidays...twinkling lights and sparkle!

Vixen and Prancer center stage!

Fresh greenery feels the air with the scent of pine.  I've never used artificial greenery even though I am sure I am probably allergic to it.  

Here is an overview of the place setting. The dinnerware is Becca by Signature Collection.  The artist Becca Days who is from North Carolina. The placemats and napkin rings are from Target about 5 years ago.  I like festive bright colored linens to work back with the dinnerware and the ornaments.  Check out these fun placemats from Zazzle Wayfair, and these cute things of Crate and Barrel that are already 25%off!!!  Especially love the soiree plates!  I also love the metallic faux leather placemats for a more elegant table from West Elm here. Those would be great all year long as far as I'm concerned.  Of course, I might have to pop out and buy these striped placemats from Pier One aren't they darling?  If you are going for a more handsome look, why not add these napkins and placemats from Ralph Lauren Home with a crisp white plate?  

 This side angle was taken before the tree was finished, but I wanted you to see how close the tree is to the breakfast room table.  The tree doesn't get its
close up quite yet!  May be tomorrow!

 I can't remember where what company I bought the blue mercury glass candles stick are from, but they are at least 10 years old for my retail business.  They were among the box of leftovers when i closed the door on that chapter of my life. I like the color but it might be hard to find these now.  You can always spray paint a pair candlesticks and mix or match several colors.  I have pink and green that will be added to the blue pair as soon as I focate them.  

I posted a pic of my table on Facebook and several people email and asked where to  find nice Christmas dinnerware and china, so I rounded up some favorites.   I know you are probably saying, but there are only 8 days til Christmas Eve why bother now, right?  I say plan for the after Christmas sales and stock up for next year, or you might get lucky and find discounts prior to Christmas like the current 25%off at Crate and Barrel!

These four patterns are fun if you want something playful.  Good for everyday fun for  family dining.  I included a set of salad plates because salad plates are a less expensive alternative to add Christmas to your table by mixing with your everyday dishes instead of buying an entire new set of china.  For people who are short on storage this is a great way to incorporate a little festive ware without the headache of taking up your storage space. 

Of course, Juliska Country Estate in berry is my absolute favorite dinnerware!  I was lucky to be given a set of it last Christmas by a dear friend. 

Juliska Country Estate in berry
I love the deep red and the pattern on the plate.  The mugs in this dinnerware are awesome.

 1. Ralph Lauren Duke Plaid  2. Hermes Balcons Du Guadalquivir 3. Tiffany's Holiday
 4. Holly Berry Dinnerware 

Holiday china is an investment, but so beautiful!  I especially like this pattern by Ralph Lauren which could be equally handsome for Thanksgiving, and other winter dinners.  It is a great pattern to mix with other patterns for a layered table.  As far as coveting goes...yes I covet!  The Balcons Du Guadalquivir from Hermes is one I hope to own one day!  This china has made a red girl out of me!  Another favorite is Tiffany's Holiday pattern, with its festive bows and beautiful greenery garland.  I also love this less expensive Holly Berry and Pine Pattern from Macy's.  

Last but certainly not least, I adore this non traditional holiday pattern in blues and greens with ornaments and peacock feathers!  This might be on my after Christmas shopping list for next year!  

Soiree Plates
I think these would be fab for New Years Eve and other events throughout the year.
I have an affinity for mixing gold and silver.  It's always good after all a little sparkle brightens up even the dullest party!

 I hope you enjoyed getting a little peek of my breakfast table! 

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  1. Beautiful!! I like the sense of whimsy and the vivid colors.

  2. YES...I WANT TO TAKE A PEAK. this couldn't be more festive or fun.

  3. Oh yes, Lisa! I love all of the artful & jewel toned holiday decor!
    Isn't the Juliska pattern elegant!?

    The Arts by Karena

  4. I PEAKED!!! Of course I did.
    The colors are awesome!!!

  5. O my Goodness! It's so Christmas inside your house! The Holiday peacock is for me...

    Works at real estate philippines

  6. So fabulous, festive and fun!!! I love it, Lisa. Thanks for all your wonderful and stylish posts in 2013. I'm excited to follow your lead in 2014.
    Warm greetings for a joyful Christmas!

  7. I love the whimsy and the bold colors in your decor, Lisa! It is such fun! I think it is funny that your husband thinks he too might get decorated some day :). I do not have dinnerware specifically for Christmas but use my wedding china - blue and white with gold and work around that. So much choice out there, though. Perhaps some day.


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