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Match Your Decor - 5 Ways for Holiday Decorations to Match Your Decor

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I'm curious.  Do you match your holiday decorations to your decor, or just go with the traditional red and green?  I must admit, I have never used red and green.  Don't get me wrong, there might be something red and green around my house during the holidays, just not my choice for my chosen decorations. {continue reading…}

My first Christmas in my own home, I decorated the tree in the "it decor color" of the time "Williamsburg Blue" mixed with silver, which co-ordinated perfect with my Williamsburg colors of blue, dusty mauve and moss green!  That was 1980 and of course I thought everything had to be perfect for my first Christmas.  I made all the ornaments on the tree because there wasn't anything in the stores that resembled that color palette.  That was before retailers offered multiple color palettes for the holidays.  In the 80's everything was red and green or white and gold when it came to holiday decorations. I could probably dig out  photos of that first Christmas, but I'm sure they would be so grainy you wouldn't want to see them.  I'll leave it to your imagination.

  In the 1986, I began collecting Christopher Radko ornaments.  When my first child was born in 1987, I started the family tradition of giving each family member a new Radko on the eve of decorating our tree.  Somewhere around 2000, my mom adopted the idea of using beautifully wrapped Radko ornaments  as her table decorations each year.    So with the ornaments I give and the ones received at my parents, we have slowly amassed quite a collection of Radko ornaments through the past years.  The only semblance of my designer tree was the white twinkle lights, which eventually were replaced with multi-colored lights due to the protest of my children.  The only way I interject my desire for a co-ordinated tree in our family room is with matching ribbon and gift wrap.  Other than the gift wrap and ribbon,  our tree is a vision of rainbow delight.  Since wrapping the gifts is about all I can dictate, it has become one of my favorite activities of the holiday season.  I always put on some holiday music and gather all my supplies and enjoy making each gift special.  I don't know about you but give me a pretty wrapped box and I'm a happy girl.

Here's my plan to help you co-ordinate your holiday decorations to your decor

1) Decide the colors you want to use, by looking at the room's decor.  Pick three colors from the room's color scheme or three that will co-ordinate with the room.  Actually,  any three colors will work.  Gifts wrapped and under a tree look always look festive if they match the room.  

2) Shop for gift wrap and ribbon in the colors chosen.  Choose one paper to be the dominate paper, then choose two co-ordinating papers.  The dominate paper can be the one chosen to wrap the majority of the packages.  The other two could be options that would be more fitting for men or children.  Note: don't limit yourself to the holiday wrapping section.  Check out the everyday section for options as well. 

3) Use co-ordinating ribbon for the tree.  This is a guaranteed way for your tree and packages to look unified.  It doesn't have to be the same ribbon, just co-ordinating.  I like to make half knot ribbon bows for the tree, but if you aren't the bow type, the ribbon can be draped in and out of the tree's branches to create a garland effect. 

4) Pack up everyday accessories.  Purchase a few vases, or flowers that repeat the colors you are using for the gift wrap and tree. 

5) If you have a party or entertain through the holidays, make sure to choose the same colors for your invitations to insure a color co-ordinated holiday.

I decided it would be fun to take a couple of rooms and co-ordinate the gift wrap to demonstrate how pretty holiday decorating can enhance your everyday decor.  

I couldn't help but choose plaid and handsome wrapping for this room in Scot Meacham Wood's flat.  Just add red, black or gold ribbons for a fabulous mix that would add another design element in this room.
Via Andrea Brooks Interiors
The Container Store

I adore these colorful reindeer with red, pink and green.  So fitting for my friend Andrea Brook's pink and green living room.  Hot pink, green, white and gold ribbons would be so lovely on packages with this paper under a tree in this room.

The Container Store

This Caspari Jaguar Jungle Paper mixed with leopard and green croc paper would be so "wildly" elegant in this green room designed by Peter Rogers in Architectural Digest.  I would add red and gold ribbon to these packages to complete the look. 


The Container Store

Jewel tones would look dynamite in this gray paneled room.  

This fun room by designer, Sally Wheaton would look smashing with papers in silver and white.  I would add lavender, silver and white ribbons to complete this look. 

What about you?  Thoughts?  Do you like to match your decor?

All of the papers chosen for this post are available from The Container Store which is my go to source for fabulous papers!  Check out the selection here!

If you have a Container Store near you don't miss out on their fabulous in-store GIFTWRAP & BOW DEMONSTRATIONS every Saturday at 11am and Sunday at noon & 2pm through December 22nd.  A $20 Store More card will be given away at each demo.  Terms and conditions apply. 

And if you want to save money, do like I do and shop the week after Christmas and buy wrapping paper for the next year.  It is always so nice not to have to go out and purchase paper when you need it. 

List of What you need to gather to wrap presents:

2. Tape - Regular scotch tape, decorative tapes and double stick tapes
3. Plenty of boxes
4. Gift Tags and bags- various ones for all ages. 
5. Pens - to match your wrapping.  Black always matches everything but it is nice to use metallics too. 
6. Tissue paper - White is a must but add some fun with a few patterns too.

I made a little Holiday Mix for you to play to get you in the mood while wrapping presents.


If you are in a hurry and who isn't during the holidays, use The Container Store's go shop, click and pick up offer.  Simply shop online, then pick up at the store.  Your order will be waiting when you get there. 

                                                                     Holiday Mix from lisamendedesign on 8tracks Radio.
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  1. Lisa, this is amazing! I love the idea of coordinating the entire space. I do pick up most of my wrapping from The Container Store - one could really spend a good amount of time there! I tried to infuse turquoise into my décor this holiday but did not have the time to shop for items..have to plan ahead next time.

  2. Fabulous examples Lisa. Our friend Scot's living room thrills me every time I see it!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Happy Holidays Karena! Thanks for stopping by!!! oxox

  3. Your dining room shot is one of my all time favorite dining spaces! I match it to my room decor and pretty much stay away from red and green these last few years. But, one never knows what next year will bring! This year Im finishing up with turquoise and blue. Have a wonderful holiday LIsa! xo Nancy

    1. You are too kind Nancy!! Happy Holidays! Can't wait to see your turq/blue!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Holly, yes you do! They have it at South Park, or at least they did!

  5. Great advice! I've been keeping it neutral with white and gold---time to branch out. Think a trip to the Container is in order!

    1. Everything you do is always pretty Mary Ann! Happy Holidays!


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