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Be The Change Needed! Help Kickstart Neva!

Are you familiar with Kickstarter?  If you have a great idea or project, Kickstarter is a great way to fund your project through crowdsourcing your idea on their website. I have often thought of creative ideas or products and never really had the money or knew the right plan of action to bring them to fruition.  That's not an issue any longer, now that Kickstarter has been created. Want to design a line of clothing,write a book, create a video or a movie?  Now it's easier to find your financial backers. Corel has a five step approach outlined to help get your campaign going on Kickstarter. Click here to find out how.  Basically you create an idea, plan, decide on rewards you will offer your funders and then create a video.

  It's really that simple.  

If you aren't the creative type, look to Kickstarter for access to fabulous products.  If you like to have the hottest items first, this is a place to go to be ahead of the curve. You will find some really great ideas and products on Kickstarter. 
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 Recently, one of my friends contacted me about the Neva campaign on Kickstarter that her sister is involved in.  I took a look and decided I want to support them.   Not only are they trying to start a fab women's athletic wear company, but also help the underprivileged in the process.  To me that's a win win!  Watch the video and decide if you can pledge to help them get started:


LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, and DO GOOD with NEVA Activewear! Be a part of a campaign that empowers women through inspirational activewear!

Currently they have 60% pledged and only 17 days to go!
They need your help!!  Look what you get for pledging:

For the $149 pledge you get both of the stylish jacket with the embroidered " Be The Change"  Make a difference today!
If you have a hard to buy for someone on your list, order one of these and wrap up a picture of the jacket with the info and the dates!  It will give them something to look forward to in the new year!  You will also be helping others with your purchase.
Once the campaign closes they will contact you for your sizes, etc.

As Seen In...

About NEVA Activewear:

1. Stylish and at wholesale pricing
NEVA Activewear is made from soft, comfortable, high-performance fabrics that flatter every figure. At just $89, NEVA jackets and hoodies are shipped directly to you eliminating the middlemen. 
2. Inspiration in every stitch 
Every NEVA piece in the launch collection will be hand stitched with the inspiring message: BE THE CHANGE. As you transform your mind and body, you’ll be reminded of the lasting impact you’re making on another woman’s life.
3. Transformational wages for artisans
NEVA employs talented artisans in South Asia to hand stitch every piece. Your purchase will create opportunities of empowerment for these women while still looking stylish yourself – something very unique to the apparel industry.
4. Your clothing is an extension of you
When you put on a NEVA relaxed hoodie or athletic jacket, you’ll feel fit, inspired and confident—with meaningful activewear that brings you closer to your life’s passions.

The NEVA Story

NEVA was created by entrepreneur Sacha Nana, whose ultimate goal is to empower women across the globe through inspiring activewear. Sacha’s vision is to expand NEVA to an entire collection of athletic tops, bottoms and accessories.
To get NEVA off the ground and running, we need 600 people to fund NEVA, sport our stylish activewear, and STAND FOR MORE!

Fits for Every Lifestyle

Relaxed Fit Hoodie

Fabulously stylish yet cozy as can be, this all-purpose hoodie is perfect for a deep stretch, a long jog, or an evening of leisure. 

Athletic Fit Jacket 

Because powerful women deserve top performance apparel. This slim fit, stylish jacket will compliment your silhouette and support your every move.

Ordering & Production Timeline

We will get your style, size, and color selection after our campaign has closed. At that time, we'll have a sizing and specs guide for you to make sure you order the perfect size!
Here is what our production timeline looks like:
  • Kickstarter campaign closes = mid-December 2013
  • Fabric Selection = January 2014
  • Cutting and Sewing complete = February 2014
  • Quality Control = February 2014
  • Packing and shipping = March 2014

Rakhi Bracelets

Thank You!

We are deeply grateful for your support and generosity. We could not do this without you. Thank you for being the change.
Join Us in Spreading the Word.
Stay up on NEVA news by following us on Facebook and visiting our website. Be sure to share this campaign with your friends and family. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.Email us at info@nevawear.com. 

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Our biggest challenge is getting the word out quickly and eventually expanding the product line to accommodate all of our consumers’ needs. We are committed to delivering high-quality apparel, on time, and with the goal of exceeding expectations.

Only 17 more days to be a part of this wonderful campaign.  Won't you pledge today? 

Click here to visit the Neva Page on Kickstart and Pledge today!  "Be the Change Needed in the World"

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  1. What a cool project and kickstarter is amazing. Ive joined several projects and this looks like such a winner. Thanks Lisa! xo Nancy


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