Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day at My Parents

Christmas has come and gone.  The paper has long since been stuffed in the trash but it was oh so beautiful while it lasted.  Here are some photos of my parent's house on Christmas Day.  There are 47 in my immediate family so there are many table scattered through my parent's home.  Each table is decorated with wrapped gifts which contain Christopher Radko Ornaments for each person present.  Here are the various tables and other decorations throughout the house.  Join me on a little tour.
{continue the tour after the break…..}

Table #1 in the kitchen and wrapped to co-ordinate with the cobalt toile wallpaper.
Each table has chargers but the china is stacked on the buffet in the kitchen.

A pretty red and silver wreath over the fireplace in the kitchen.

The table for the children by the fireplace in the kitchen. 

A festive wreath which hangs over the kitchen sink.

Arrangement in the music room

Table #3 in the music room

Red roses are always classic at Christmas

Table #4 in the living room

View from the other way

Love this pillow Mom got for a gift from a friend this Christmas

The mantle in the living room

A corner cupboard is home to the nativity scene

The Christmas tree in the foyer

The newell post tied in pretty gold ribbon

A pretty angel in the greenery arrangement on a chest in the foyer

The main dining room.  Table #5


Desserts on the side table.

A wreath graces the brick wall of the fireplace in the dining room

Santa and his sleigh on the side board.

Radko Wreath on the hearth in the dining room

A peek in the master to see the decorations on the mantle.

A view to the tree from the dining room

A favorite Radko Santa ornament on the tree.

Table #6 in the sunroom

Table #7

Santa wreath on the playroom door.  This is where the Christmas action happens!

The playroom tree with all the gifts!

My grandmother's wicker is waiting for takers once the gift giving begins...

Even this guy gets in the spirit!

Another corner with festive silver trees in the playroom

 There is always a pig somewhere.

This tree is completely covered in holly

Rudolph pays a visit each year in the back yard.

 The copper arbor above the walk way in the back yard is one of my favorite things
in the back yard at my parents.  An artist made it years ago.  It is wrapped in white lights so
at night is is really pretty.

I hope you enjoyed joining me for Christmas Day because….

My sister demonstrates what most of my family thinks about me snapping
 pics on Christmas day for my blog!  I get all kinds of comments like why don't you
take some pics with people in them!  So here are a few of those….

My niece Chrys and my daughter Rebekah

My nieces, Elizabeth and Magdalene

My great niece, Mary Thomas confirmed a good time was had by all!

on to the family cabin for fun and games….

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  1. Lisa, what a wonderful Post! Your parents home is magnificent! I really enjoyed all the tables and decor!
    I wonder how you managed any pictures "without" family with that number all there!
    Thank you Lisa!

    1. Thank You Patty! I took pictures while everyone was in the kitchen waiting to serve their plates! oxox

  2. What a warm, festive setting for the holidays! Your photos illustrate the love and attention your mom puts into making the day special -- and it makes me want to join in!

    1. She sure does Julia! Happy New year! And of course you do the same for your family and friends! oxox

  3. I can always tell where you get your "eye" from... your Mom is so gifted at pulling things together, as are you!! And I am so loving her BIG Radko santa wreath! I didn't even know they made things that big! Now I've got to have one!! haha Where did she find it? I am such a Radko fan... I was wanting you to open the boxes and show the treasures! What a special tradition! ENJOY your time at the cabin extending your family time! Now on to a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! xx Edna

  4. Now that was a TON of work!! Thanks so much for sharing - that was awesome! Mike, Riley, Emory and I chose to not travel this year and spent a relaxing and happy day together but at the same time I love to see the celebrations with big families.

    1. Yes it was but she loves doing it!!! I know you loved your quiet time with your sweet family! Happy Holidays! oxox

  5. Loved the Christmas home tour! A question - am I supposed to leave the tags on my Radko ornaments??

    1. WE don't take the tags off ours Claroo

    2. Just saw your latest entry - what a neat idea to write the info on the tag! I have just a few of the Radko ornaments and enjoyed reading your storage tips. I am a new reader and enjoy your blog. Thank you!

  6. Wow, Lisa! I'm impressed. Sort of feeling like I am there with you, with the detail you shared, what a gorgeous Christmas!

  7. wow, what a festive time and what gorgeous decorations! no detail was missed! love every bit!

  8. Thank you for sharing. I am catching up on reading blog posts and so enjoyed this one. Your parents have a beautiful and inviting home. All of the Christmas decorations were just gorgeous!


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