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Thibaut - High Point Market Showroom Oct 2013

One of my absolute favorite showrooms to visit at High Point Market is the Thibaut showroom.  The company has been creating beautiful fabrics and papers since 1886, but their look is as fresh and exciting as ever.   The October showroom was simply a feast for the eyes.  Take a virtual tour of the showroom.   The design team did not disappoint.  Thibaut partnered with a few other lines to round out the vignettes in their showroom.  This market they partnered with Oomph and Van Collier  to provide accent tables, coffee tables accessories, lighting and other pieces from their line.   They also partnered with Reprotique and Currey & Co for lighting and Feizy for beautiful rugs.  All of these lines are classic with modern sensibilities, so each complimented the Thibaut products nicely.  The Oomph  line is available in a wide range of colors, which played nicely with the colorful Thibaut collections.  Van Collier and Currey & Co added  metal finishes to the showroom which was a nice addition to the fabrics and furnishings.  [click to title continue reading...]

Here we have the Montclair Chairs in Royal Blue Circuit fabric,  the Preston Ottoman in Twisted Chain in a mixed combo of Green and Blue, the Downing Gate wallpaper in Green,  along with the Sun Garden hanging fabric in Blue.  The Currey & Co Lola table lamps in white add the perfect amount of light in this vignette.

The Montclair Chair in Circuit in Royal Blue with updated Benjamin Moore
 painted finish "Hudson Bay" is a cute little guy!  

The Darien Chair in my fabric fabric of  Montserrat in Blue!

This great grouping includes the Cambridge Chair in Essex Velvet in Graphite, the Bennett Settee in Ellis Herringbone in Cream, with the Bentley Bench in Regina in Charcoal, and  the Fair and Square Ottomans in Montserrat in Lime.  Again, the Oomph Hobe Sound side tables along with the Currey & Co Elissa Table lamps add the perfect compliment to the setting.

Here is a close up of the Bennett Settee in Ellis Herringbone in Cream, with Pillows in Soleil in Green and Mara Embroidery in Green.  The detail on the Hobe Sound Oomph table is easier to see here. 

Here we have the Bennett Settee in Ellis Herringbone in Cream, along with the Bentley Bench in Regina in Charcoal,  and the Fair and Square Ottomans in Montserrat in Lime

Another view of the same vignette

Closeup of the grouping of  Thibaut "resort collection"ottomans I style spotted this market.
The grouping includes the Roundabout Ottoman in South Sea in Green, the  Fair and Square Ottomans in Soleil in Yellow and Aqua, and the For the Hex of It Ottomans in South Sea in Tangerine, Dyed Sack in Dust Blue, and South Sea in Pink.  The  Eastwood wallpaper in Grey adds the perfect backdrop for these colorful ottomans.

Another shot of the ottomans showing also the

I would like to point out the Eastwood wallpaper that I mentioned above.  It is  one of my favorite patterns in the current Thibaut wallpaper line. Shown here in grey, it has the texture and feel of real wood.  Just beautiful!  It comes in cream, brown, off white and grey.  If you want a wooden look at a fraction of the cost, this is your answer.   Look how the bright colored rolls of Thibaut wallpapers perched on the Bren bracket from Van Collier stand out on this neutral backdrop of Eastwood paper.  Love it!

Here we have the Savoy Chair in Shore in Cream to the left,  then the Bedford Chair in Laurence Plaid in Apple Green to the right,  next the Chatham Sofa in Dyed Sack in Mastic is in the background on the left, along with the Fairfax Relaxed Chair in Spot on in Citron, and the Frederik Settee in Oatmeal in Neutral

Here is a front view of that grouping, again, the Bedford Chair in Laurence Plaid in Apple Green on the left, Chatham Sofa in Dyed Sack in Mastic straight ahead, along with the Fairfax Relaxed Chair in Spot on in Citron on the right.  Dynamic Currey & Co  Epigram lamps flank the sofa on simple yet elegant Oomph tables in neutral tones.  The Oomph Westport coffee table is one of my personal favorites.  

Here are Thibaut's Carlyle Chairs in Essex Velvet in Green Apple, mixed with the Hudson Chairs in Essex Velvet in Green Apple, and dressed with the French Suzani drapes in Raspberry.  Don't you love the Oomph Hobe Sound lanterns in triple green goodness over the table?

This great little grouping includes the Essex Chairs in Regina in Green,accented by Pillows in Rue de Seine in Pink on Ivory, with a backdrop of the  Madiera Chain wallpaper in Green, and the French Suzani drapes in Raspberry.  I love that Oomph Charleston mirror and Palo Alto lantern sconce and Newport side table.  The Currey & Co table lamp adds just the right amount of sparkle to this group as well. 

The South Sea wallpaper in Pink, Navy, Green, Aqua, Tangerine and Yellow makes me want to wallpaper all the walls in my house.

Who wouldn't want to sit at this table for a meal?

Here we have the Frederik Settee in Oatmeal with Neutral, Pillows in 
Rue de Seine in Cream on White and Deilen Embroidery in Natural Linen.  
Cute little Oomph Tiny Table IV in the foreground.

The Kendall Sofa in Cabo Cotton in Pearl, Palisaldes Chair in Zenith Velvet in Charcoal, Tablecloth in Deilen Embroidery in Slate on Natural, Akoya Pearl wallpaper in Aqua Pearl
Beautiful Currey & Co Chanteuse chandelier.  The Reprotique clear lucite sconce add the perfect detail without covering up the beautiful wallpaper.

Elegant Akoya Pearl wallpaper in Aqua Pearl along with beautiful Van Collier Hawes sconce and Currey & Co Messenger table lamps.  

The Brighton Sofa in Longwood in Blue and White, accented by the Wyndham Ottoman in Bowen in Sky Blue, Brentwood Chair with Skirt in Dyed Sack in Denim

The Madison Sectional in Lanford in Cream,  with the Kensington Ottoman in Essex Velvet in Turquoise, and the Dartmouth Wing CHair in Arturo Damask Embroidery in White on Turquoise, and For the Hex of It Ottoman Skirted in Bernard in Aqua

The Mayfair Chairs in Circuit in Charcoal, flank the stately Canopy Bed in Rivera Embroidery in Yellow, with Sonoma Headboard in Essex Velvet in Graphite, with Devon Bench in Jack Sack in Ombre, and Sutton Chair in Lucas in Plum

The Thibaut showroom is located in Market Square 315 & SAMS 1-648.  Now do you see why it's always a treat to  see what's new at Thibaut and how they have put the furniture,fabrics and papers together.  Don't you love the new Rue de Seine, and Resort Collection?  Click here to see the entire collection.   

Obviously,I wasn't the only Style Spotter who liked Thibaut, I think there were seven out of nine on the Style Spotter panel who found something to spot in the Thibaut showroom.
There is an added feature to visiting their showroom and buying their products.  The Seniors, who own Thibaut, along with their daughter, Stacy Senior Allan, and their entire staff are some of the nicest people you will ever work with in our industry.  It's a treat to buy a beautiful line from beautiful people.  Thank you to the Thibaut Team for making our job easy!

 If you would like to know a pattern name or need help ordering Thibaut fabrics or wallpapers, let me know.
FYI, My new business partner(?) and I will soon be unveiling some news which I think you might find interesting. 

All photos are property of Thibaut

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  1. What a wonderful partnership. Thibaut and Oomph, both names are synonymous with fun, color, clarity and happy chic living.

    1. Yes they are Patricia! It was happy mix for sure!

  2. Thank you for sharing, Lisa. I believe that Thibaut has the most beautiful paper and fabric!

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