Saturday, November 9, 2013

Simplify Your Life


Interior Design Quote of the Day:

Less is more and simple is better.
-Terry John, Woods' Farmhouse Modern

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Have you ever thought about this?  Is it true?  If so, then why do we all run around buying, doing, seeing and racking up tons of things that eventually end up in the attic or the giveaway pile?  It just doesn't make sense does it?  If less truly does = more, why is it so hard not to practice this?  Is it because we buy into the mantra "in the end, the one with the most toys win?"  Is it because we think having the latest and the greatest makes us great?  I read this saying recently  " too many people spend money they don't have, trying to impress people they don't like".   I'll bet there have been times when we have all been guilty of this, but please tell me what you think?  I really want to hear....  

What do you do with inherited items.  Do you stack them in the back of the cabinet and keep them because of sentimental reasons?  Do you realize the emotional real estate those items maintain in your life, not to mention the physical real estate and effort?  

I'm in a buy "less, choose well" stage of life.  I want  things that serve a purpose
fill my needs, make life simpler or  add value.   Life is too short not to live authentically.

 I loved reading these 10 ways to declutter your day by 
theshabbycreekcottage.  I think you will too!

Enjoy Your Day and remember to Keep It Simple!

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  1. Hi LIsa,
    I am moving right now and trust me, extra stuff is no fun at a time like this! I agree I am only taking what means a great deal to me or is very useful! I have a friend with 8 sets of dishes! Really. No thanks!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Good Luck with your move! oxox wow 8 sets? no kidding!

  2. YAY...I've been doing this...especially since moving into a smaller home in the city! Great post!

    1. Good for you Mary Ann. Cant wait to see your lovely apt. i know it will be beautiful and chic like you!

  3. simplicity takes work but once it is achieved, it does fill one's life with more room for joy.


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