Monday, November 18, 2013

My Top 5 Favorite Lavenders at the Moment

I've been obsessed with the color of lavender ever since I saw this picture in House Beautiful.  The room was designed by Hal Williamson of New Orleans for Debra Shriver the author of Stealing Magnolias.  

[click the header to see my favorite lavenders….]

In the past, I have thought of lavender as a color for a child's room, but this photograph proves lavender can be as sophisticated and elegant in formal rooms.  In some cultures lavender or purple are associated with death, but I prefer to think of it as feminine, elegant and graceful which I read here.  It's a color most people either love or hate.  Which camp do you fall into? I have been thinking about painting a dining room lavender.  In my quest for the perfect lavender here are my top five contenders.  Do you have a favorite lavender?  If so, please share.   

     This is a soft, moody lavender 



As shown in the Moore Councill Showroom at High Point Market
  by designer Gary Inman

As shown in Katie Armour's Living Room on La Dolce Vita Blog
As you can see, the lavenders I have chosen are light, soft lavenders that range in color from those with a hint of purple which keeps the color lively to a very gray lavender which makes the color a little more calm.  When used in monotone rooms lavender remains sophisticated, but it can become playful when other colors like navy or green are thrown into the mix.  The key to picking a lavender or purple is to make sure you don't go mid-range.  Either light or dark is best for rooms other than children's room.  It's not always easy to choose the right color. When in doubt always call in an expert.  You can save yourself time and frustration.

One of my favorite dining rooms with lavender is the dining room below by John Saladino.  The walls are brown, but he used the lavender for the slipcovers on the chairs.  I had to throw this in for good measure.

Ok, it's official, I'm crushing on lavender this week…

I let you know how it goes and if we decide to use
lavender.  Have a great Monday!

Need help picking colors?  I'm just a phone call away!

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  1. Hi Lisa, I am loving lavender. In silk and velvet it sings!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Love the first image and love love lavender :))) Enjoy this Monday Lisa! xxx


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