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Wanna Win a Ticket to Tobi Fairley's Social Media Strategy & Get Published Camp???

Getting Publish Camp with Tobi Fairley

Last year, I had the opportunity to attend Tobi Fairley's Get Published Camp and it was simply amazing!  I highly recommend it to anyone wanting the inside scoop on how to get published!  This year Tobi has doubled the fun and combined her Social Media Strategies Camp with the Get Published Camp.  This is huge! To get two of her informative camps all in one three day period is unbelievable!
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I wanted to share some pictures from my camp experience with all of you.  It's so much fun, it's hard to explain without pictures.  

An added bonus is the camp is held at the beautiful Capital Hotel in Little Rock.  The room we met in reminds me of the Greenbrier Resort with its Dorothy Draper style lattice trim. I must say this hotel is one of my all time favorite places to stay anywhere.  The historic Capital is like a resort itself.
The staff greet you upon arrival and address you by name at the door of the entrance.  

The camp I attended was the inaugural Get Published Camp.
Not only was the information amazing, but it was jammed packed with an A-Team list of speakers as well, as the 
first US booking signing and roll out for Ronda Carmen Rice's book Designers at Home, which Tobi is featured in. Ronda began her road to getting published through her blog, All The Best, which now has a cult following. It was such an exciting event.  It was my first time meeting Ronda, who I now consider a good friend. I sat by Ronda and she shared her personal copy of her new book with me before it hit the stands. I couldn't help but snap a picture with it on my lap!

It's the perfect size book.  Have you gotten your copy of Designers at Home by Ronda Rice Carmen?
I must say, I love it.  I keep referring to it over and over. It would make a great Christmas gift or hostess gift for your design loving friends.  This reminds me, I need to order a few copies for last minute gifts in case I have someone on my list I have forgotten or get a last minute invitation during the holidays.  Always nice to be prepared isn't it?

I immediately flipped to Tobi's pages in the book and there  was her sweet little doggie on her bed.  Bless her little heart. I know Tobi is glad she has that picture to remind her of her precious pet and her former home.  It's amazing how quickly life changes isn't it? Sometimes sad and other times exciting!

Can I tell you how fascinating it was to finally meet
Ronda?  She is incredible and so inspiring.  Her story 
will make you want to keep chasing your dreams no matter how big they are.  Did you know that she had a life long dream of writing a book?  She was also a major Martha Stewart devotee growing up.  Martha was her idol. Guess who wrote the forward in her book…
if you guessed Martha Stewart you would be right!

Sandy Gilbert Freidus, who is Ronda's editor from Rizzoli
also came and spoke.  I instantly loved Sandy, too. Of course,I told her I wanted to write a book.  She actually
encouraged me to do so.  Who knows, may be one day I'll 
make that happen.   Sandy gave us the ends and out
of the publishing business.  This is advice that I felt
privilege to hear first hand from a NYC editor. 

As a designer, the information I gleamed from this camp was
invaluable.  Not only did I come away feeling wiser about how to get published, but I made some major connections in the industry.  I even met Krissa Rossbund and editor from Traditional Home magazine!  Krissa schooled us on what the magazines look for and how to pitch ourselves to them. If and when I get ready to pitch a story or a book, I know who and how to connect with the right people thanks to Tobi's camp.  

I'm always joking and saying I'm in PR for Tobi, but truthfully, I always promote her programs, because I have gained so much personally from them.  I wouldn't be where I am today, if it weren't for Tobi Fairley's amazing wisdom and her willingness to share with other designers.  I also only promote things I believe in and I believe in Tobi.

Here we are at Get Published!!  

What if i told you that you have an opportunity to win a ticket to this amazing experience? Keep Reading!



My Friend and fellow designer, Rebecca Reynolds of The Kitchen Design Network is giving away  a ticket to Tobi Fairley’s Getting Published and Social Media Camp to one lucky winner on her blog Kitchen/DesignNetwork.  If you don't currently follow Rebecca's blog you need to!  She is a fabulous kitchen designer!  Pop over there and get in on the action!  If you win the ticket, all you have to pay is your travel expenses!  This is a huge opportunity!!!  CLICK HERE TO ENTER!!
Contest Rules:
 Winner is responsible for travel and hotel accommodations to Little Rock,AR
Hotel accommodations can be made at Capital Hotel ,Marriott (across the street) DoubleTree (2 blocks away) Winner will be contacted by Tobi Fairley’s office prior to the camp dates for more information
Getting Published (event bundle), Dec. 3-5 
This incredible event sold out in days when it was announced in May, so Tobi Fairley is offering it again. Sign up to hear from top editors in print and online media, as well as book publishers, as they give you the tricks and tips you need to get published now.
Social Media Strategy 
 In this add-on event, you’ll learn from social media experts how to use the best social media platforms to market yourself to clients, how to gain more followers, and how to get attention from the press.
CAN YOU SAY AMAZING….#1 Tobi Fairley#3 Cassandra LaValle is the editor behind the blog coco+kelley
#4 Julia Noran Johnston is the founder of Editor at Large,es for design professionals.
#5 Crystal Gentilello Palecekfounder and editor-in-chief of Rue,
#6 Krissa Rossbund -Senior Style Editor at Traditional Home magazine
#7 Alex Papachristidis -Interior Designer and Author
#8 Sandy Gilbert Freidus -Rizzoli Books Editor

Whether you win a ticket or not, this is a must attend
camp for any designer who need a social media strategy
or is interested in Getting Published(and who isn't right?) I can promise it is well worth your time and effort.  The return will be tremendous. 

(P.S….Please tell Tobi I sent you if you sign up to go!  I owe her big for all she has done for me.  It brings me joy, to think she sees some of the good she has given me coming back to her.  Let me know if you go!  I want to hear your rave reviews, so I can say I told you so!)

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