Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Savannah, Georgia, A City Rich in History, Architecture and Southern Charm!

From the gold dome of city hall to the spanish moss draped trees lining the streets, Savannah is a place full of history and interesting architecture.  On my recent visit to Savannah I found this picturesque place worthy of many snaps of my camera.  As I walked around with my husband and daughter exploring Savannah, I found myself left behind on more than once as I stopped to gaze at intriguing architecture,ornate ironwork, fountains, historical monuments and nature.
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I first became interested in Savannah after having read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt.  The book made me want to visit Savannah to try to find places mentioned in the book.  Sadly, it's been so long since I read the book, I no longer remember much about the details, but I did remember the authors description about the oak lined streets, hospitality and beauty.  We did visit the graveyard where Minerva supposedly worked her spells at night.  As I walked the streets of Savannah I couldn't help but picture the old southern city in it's days of glory.  John Berendt wasn't the only one seduced by the beautiful victorian mansions,18th century dwellings and beautiful tree lined streets.  I was totally mesmerized by this city's beauty. It's a magical place.  I hope you will visit and see for yourself.  

Ranked by Walking magazine, as one of the top 10 cities for walking, Savannah is a great place to spend a day exploring. There are tours based on the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, as well as historical tours of the Civil War and homes, gates and gardens. At night there are ghost tours, pub crawls and wonderful restaurants and bars.  In other words there is something for everyone in Savannah

Known as America's first organized city, Savannah was designed by General James Olgethorpe into grids of 24 squares which allowed for wide open streets which centered around parks that also, served as town meeting squares. The 22 that remain today add to the charm and enjoyment of walking around Savannah

  I hope you enjoy seeing Savannah through my photos.


Savannah's beauty is only rivaled by the fine hospitality that we received during our visit.  My only regret is that my time was brief.  I look forward to a longer visit in the near future and perhaps my return will afford the trolley ride I longed to take that didn't happen this go around.

John Berendt talks about Savannah and writing the book
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil


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Photos of the following:
1) City Hall 2) Mercer House 3) Moss lined Streets of Savannah 4) Trolly 5) Home with Side Door Entrance 6) Grey Home 7) Brower Residence 8) Orange Door 9) Handmade bricks in street 10) Street Sign  11-17) Owens-Thomas House 18-20)DAR Cemetery  21)Vine covered porch on building  22) Birthplace of Flannery OConner 17) Andrew Lowe House 18) Gates of Sherman's Headquarters 19) Six Pence Pub
20) Independent Presbyterian Church  21-24) Local attractions

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  1. love your post about my hometown :) makes me miss it even more. glad you enjoyed your trip there.


  2. MC and I stay at the Foley Inn shortly after the movie was released. What a beautiful city. We could see the "Bench where Tom Hanks sat and waited for the bus with his box of chocolates from our window!!!
    The Inn is still there and hopefully we will return.

  3. So beautiful and inspiring! Oh how I love to travel :))


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