Sunday, November 17, 2013

Gratitude Sunday! Huge Thanks to My Top Referrals this week!

I started this little act of gratitude last week, because I want to thank those that have a hand in sending a little love my way. Thanks guys!!!  oxoxo!!!   Make sure you visit these blogs, if you don't follow them already!  I promise you will fall instantly in love!  Not only are these great blogs, but all five are fabulous people as well!  You guys rock!

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    1. The Adventures of Tartanscot - Scot Meacham Wood

This is a fab blog by my friend and fellow designer, Scot Wood.  He takes us on his adventures while designing projects across the United States.  Scot lives in San Francisco, so often he shares his favorite places around town.  Known for his love of velvet smoking slippers, it's always fun to see where those sazzy shoes are visiting.  His gift for introducing us to the finer things in life always provides fascinating tales. 

   2. Splendid Sass - Teresa Hatfield
This delightful blog shares Teresa's own decorating tips and projects as well as beautiful projects she curates from other designers.  Former attorney turn design aficionado Teresa's blog is always full of eye candy!

               3. Classic Casual Home - Mary Ann Pickett

Mary Ann often takes readers on tours of friend's homes, her own design projects and discusses design in a fresh new way.  Recently, having moved from her beautifully decorated home, she is beginning the design of her new digs, which should prove very interesting and exciting.  

4. Traci Zeller Designs - Traci Zeller 

O.k. first of all that is not Traci's blog headers but I couldn't seem to copy her logo. Call it my lack of skill or a serendipitous chance to promote her new textile line but whatever it is, make sure you check out her blog if you have kids, twins or if have a love great design.  Traci was my partner in the Traditional Home "Adamsleigh" Show house in Greensboro last April which was featured in the Oct. Traditional Home magazine.  She and I have some "big news" to share soon, so make sure you follow along.

       5. Denise McGaha - Denise McGaha

Known as the "Design on a Deadline" Diva, Denise is full of quick tips, great resources, and often will share her fab projects.  Denise hails from Dallas and subscribes to the saying, "Go Big or Go Home".  She is a designer in the know, often at local, regional and national industry events where she shares with us what's happening.  Denise also happens to be a really great friend, whom I treasure dearly.   

 I hope you will take a minute and visit my friend's blogs.
 Scot, Denise and Traci are real life friends, but Teresa, and Mary Ann are virtual friends.  It is amazing how we can become friends with people online yet, they can be as real as real life friends.  I almost had the opportunity to meet Mary Ann, last year when I was in California, but it didn't work out.  Hopefully, one day soon I will meet both Mary Ann and Teresa, but for now I will settle for our virtual friendships. 

I am grateful for my real life friends and my virtual friends!

A big thank you to all who voted for Lisa Mende Design in the LampsPlus Contest.  They have not announced a winner yet.  I was up against many much bigger bloggers, so I have no idea if I stood a chance, but just having your support meant everything.    oxoxox! 
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