Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Ted Kennedy Watson!!!

courtesy of Pretty Pink Tulips

Today happens to be the birthday of a very special man, Ted Kennedy Watson.  I can't remember exactly when I first met Ted, but I feel as though I have known him forever.  His warm, gentle style is reminiscent of another era, when people were kind, considerate and well mannered.  He doesn't live life in the fast lane, but chooses to savor every moment of his day.  That's not to say this man isn't busy.  He runs the incredibly, amazing store Watson Kennedy in Seattle, Washington.  Watson Kennedy has become an industry icon for destination shopping for those in the know.  Ted opened his first Watson Kennedy Fine Living, on his 35th birthday in 1998, so if you do the math you can quickly surmise this is a big birthday Ted is celebrating.  

Ted's store is an extension of the well curated life he has created for himself.  When I saw him at Design Blogger's Conference last March in Los Angeles, he gave out precious little goodie bags to his friends.  Let me tell you, that was the best little treat bag anyone has ever given me!  Ted knew exactly what was needed to make my trip special.  

Ted will personally choose and ship gifts from Watson Kennedy for anyone on your list during the holidays and year round.  I can attest that whatever anyone receives from Watson Kennedy will be treasured.  Ted carefully choses the lines he carries in his shop, so every gift from Watson Kennedy is a thoughtful gift! 

Visit his website and see all the fabulous things he has curated for your shopping pleasure.  I must tell you the best way to shop with Watson Kennedy is to simply give Ted a price range and let him chose something for you.  

I'm not the only one who thinks Ted has a gift for living a beautiful life.  He has a new book coming out in May 2014! I can't wait.  He has already promised me a copy!  Put it on your calendar as a "don't miss" event!!!  It will be fabulous like the author!

Happy Birthday dear Ted!!!  I hope your day has been filled with as many blessings as your presence gives all of us!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!
Love to you Ted on this special day!

If you want to be wowed by beauty follow Ted's daily musings on instagram here.  If you want to read about his beautiful life make sure to sign up for his blog.  You will fall in love with the way he looks at life,I promise!

Also, if you need gifts for the holidays Ted is the man to call!!!
Why stand in line at the post office when you can pick up the phone and call Ted? He will wrap and ship the perfect gift to those hard to buy for people on your list. 
1 800 991-9361
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  1. Hi Lisa,
    I love Watson Kennedy ! So many special gift items for the holidays!
    The Arts by Karena

  2. Thanks for the introduction- I am enjoying his blog already!


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