Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 2 Blogtour London with Modenus

Day 2 of Blogtour London began at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  We viewed the current exhibits including The Wind Portal, by Lebanese designer Najla El Zein which consists of 5,000 paper windmills, an exhibit on pearls and fashion, but the highlight was a glass installation by Omar Arbel which was made of Bocci glass.  The installation was hung in the Grand entrance at the highest cupola in the ceiling.  I can't wait to share more about all these exhibits.  We have the big New Modenus Launch Party tonight, so I must get ready for that.  Here are some other fun pics of our second day.  Enjoy!

Fashion Exhibit in V & A

Installation by Omar Arbel

The Wind Portal

Beautiful tile on the floors in the V & A

 The stunning Dale Chihuly glass chandelier is beautiful in the dome of the main
 entrance is breath taking.  

After the museum we walked to our next destination so I snapped photos of 
some lovely doors which I will share at a later date.  I may have to do a "door" tour through Europe. I thought this door was particularly interesting.  

Next we ventured to Andrew Martin's showroom which was one of the most interesting places I have ever been.  Andrew Martin has amazing things.  There is everything from Superman hanging from the ceiling to beautiful fabrics and wallpaper.  Andrew Martin designed the bedroom that James Bond and Grace Jones slept in "A View to Kill", in 1985 and from that point came to be recognized a one of Britain's leading showrooms.  The showroom continues to supply items to movie sets such as Harry Potter and many others. 

Lee, the designer at Andrew Martin had on these killer Vivian Westwood shoes!
Aren't they fab?

Next we visited Bernie De Le Cuona's fabric showroom.  We saw beautiful
velvets, linens and sack cloth in the lines new colors for fall.  

We arrived at 100% design in the afternoon.  

Cool Hardware...

We saw lots of intriguing new products!  Here are some snap shots of
the crew....

Holly Phillips 

 Lisa Kahn-Allen

Courtney Lake

Richard Rabel

Cory Klaussen

Ann Porter

Final Destination for the evening was dinner at Casa Brindisa sponsored by Du Verre Hardware!  We were so lucky to have Gina Lubin come dine with us.  Thank you Gina and Du Verre Hardware for a lovely dinner!

 Our gracious dinner hostess Gina Lubin of Du Verre Hardware with Veronika Miller of Modenus at Casa Brindisa
 Holly, Flo, Veronika, Leanne and Jessica

 As you can see, we had a fabulous day!  I've got to hurry and get dressed for the "New" Modenus party!  Make sure to follow us on twitter, instagram and Facebook to get insider info to feel part of the party!  It's going to be huge!!!

Thank you to the wonderful sponsors of Blogtour London!
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  1. Lisa, this is surely the experience of a lifetime! So So much fun!

  2. What a trip of a lifetime! I love the V&A and would love to go their someday! Thanks for showing us your day..can't wait to see more. Have a wonderful time!
    xo Nancy

  3. I love every picture you posted! Beautiful, interesting, amazing,

  4. How fabulous this trip is Lisa ... I LOVE your sharing all this with us! xo

  5. Yowsa, what a trip!
    Enjoy every second.

  6. Lisa wow a terrific trip and such a great group of pros in the business; have a great time! (as if I have to tell you!)

    Art by Karena

  7. Thanks Lisa! It was so much fun to get to meet you all however briefly! xog


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