Monday, September 30, 2013

bluebellgray at Decorex International

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One of my favorite companies present at Decorex International was , a 
four year old Scottish textile company created by Fi Douglas, a graduate of Glasgow School of Art.  This company was born out of Fi's love of color and flowers and has become an antidote to typical mass produced fabrics.  her vision resulted in  fabrics covered in abstract, oversized, water-colored blooms which have become her brand signature.  The painterly quality of the fabric draws in those looking for unique home decor.  Each design is painted by hand before being printed on natural cotton and linen. State of the art technology is used to print the fabrics so that each stroke of the paint brush is visible, which further enhances the painterly look of the fabric.  When I spoke to Fi about her fabrics, she said her hope is her fabrics fit in with modern decor as well as with vintage finds. I think she has created her goal.  I must also say that the designer is as charming as her line.  To see more of her line check out her website.  bluebellgray doesn't currently ship to the US, but many be available in the near future, until then enjoy the beauty of her work.

Watch Fi's video to discover ‘the bluebellgray way’…

(All photos property of Lisa Mende Design, Decorex International or bluebellgray)

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  1. Thank you for the video, very very good :) I saw her at decorex, love the patterns and the colors.. Fi, let me know when you want to change of mood for some more sexy and empowering patterns and we can work together something out for one of our products at KOKET :)

  2. I think I've seen her fabrics recently somewhere online. I've been drooling over watercolor fabric and these are just perfect! So gorgeous and vibrant! I wish she had a wallpaper made out of it. I'm so glad you featured this!

    1. I love it too...Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!! Have an extra great day!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Julie! You are kind to stop by and comment!


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