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citizenM Hotel in London, My Home Away from Home!

 I knew I was going to like citizenM the minute I entered!  Who doesn't like to be instantly given a compliment!  This is the greeting via the doormat: [click title to continue reading...]

citizenM hotel is a fabulous,trendy, boutique hotel.  There are locations in Amsterdam, Glasgow and London.  Lucky for me it will be my locations for the next 8 days.  There is free WiFi which is a welcomed changed from Paris which stated free WiFi but that was only the slow version which didn't work.  The WiFi at citizenM is fast!  Yay! I will need it with the work I'll be doing to keep everyone informed about BlogTour London events!  Oh, did I mention there are free movies on demand also?  I wonder if I will have time to squeeze a movie into my itinerary. There's so much to do and see in London, not sure I will get around to a movie. 

citizenM is a state of the art technology hotel as well.  Self check in is done via touch computers at these terminals, directed by very helpful attendants, once you enter the front door.  It may seem cold and technical, but it's actually quite efficient.  The attendant is there to guide you along the way.  This area also serves as a "concierge type" service as well.  Last night when trying to find a street, the young man tending the desk helped me.

The lobby it uber hip!  I love this oversized picture of Andy Warhol hanging to your left when you enter directly across from the check in stations.  The lobby is designed to make you feel as though it is your living room away from home.   

There are nice places to sit by yourself or with a group.  Everything is relaxed and a bit sexy!

Although the design very open it doesn't feel cold or hollow, because of the way the bookcases and freestanding walls divide the spaces.  The function of the spaces is carefully thought out.  Here you have a small "book store."  which is directly in front of you when you enter the hotel.  If you want you can sit and visit or peruse books.  

This is a fab television area for your viewing pleasure.  It's so comfy I saw a couple of visitors asleep in the scoop chairs last night.

See how everything is very open and accessible.  There are tables to suit anyone's dining desires through out the lobby.  The "chills"  or (bar, as we know it) is open 24/7.  This is where you buy drinks, or pay for the food canteen, which is just past the bar area.  This is also where you order coffee in the morning.  If you eat at the food canteen, you simply give  your room number, gather your goodies and find a spot to sit.  My first day here I ate a bowl of tomato basil soup and had a yummy salad there.  Of course they also have some of the typical local favorites like bangers and beans for breakfast!

This area feels like a library to me.   It is designed with comfy sofas, chairs, ottomans, and simple waterfall style tables with classic Eames chairs along the perimeter of the space.  There are penguin books everywhere.  The atmosphere is what I like most about the lobby.  Everywhere you look people are conversing.  No one seems to mind if you sit next to them.  

Here is another area to converse or dine in the lobby.  Make sure to notice the ceiling.

When checking in, guest are given a choice of a street view or interior courtyard room.  I chose the courtyard, because the check in attendant, told me it would be her first choice due to being quieter.   I felt I needed quiet after the hustle and bustle of Paris, so courtyard it was.

Everywhere you look this hotel is visually stimulating.  Large murals on the walls and graphic carpets line the hallway. 

citizenM has embraced a quirky English style brand.  It's charming and inviting.  This little shopper marks my end of the hallway. I have to find out if she has a name!

This was the view when I opened the door to my room.  All the rooms are compact, but very efficient.  It reminded me somewhat of a cabin on boat.  Very quiet and very serene.

The pictures look pink because the "mood" lighting, yes! "mood" lighting in the room was set at a soft pink when I entered!  How did they know I was a pink girl?

The bed is wall to wall and extra large.  I love it!  There is room for a party on this bed!  There are four pillows and one large down comforter for the coziest bed ever.  Yay! 
 I love CitizenM!!!!!

On the table next to the bed was a Samsung tablet with a greeting just for me!  This handy pad holds the controls for the entire room from lights, temperature, blinds, alarm clock to the mood.

 It's all touch screen!!  Did Steve Jobs design these rooms?  haha!  I love Apple products and this room felt like it had been designed by Apple.  Everything is so simple.  If you want to figure out how to do something,think in the simplest way it could be done and then try it!  Voila, it works!

Of course, I had to try out all the "moods" for the room.  They range from party to business and all in between.  When you choose an option the lights and music change to reflect the mood!  It's crazy good fun!  If you don't want music you can choose a movie from a host of popular options or dead silence.  At CitizenM everything is your choice!

 This hotels really gets it!  Their branding is both genius and helpful.  Everything is spelled out as if someone was peering over your shoulder saying "hey you, this is where it is and how you do it"!  


 They take the "do not disturb" to a whole new level.  In case you can't read what it says, the door hanger says citizenM says "Don't come in, there's someone naked in here"

Ahhhh!!! Just what I need to wash off the streets of Paris!

Everything is written in easy to read type. Here are the shampoo bottles in the shower.  Again, it's your choice at citizenM, day or night shampoo!

The drawer under the bed is most likely designed for luggage, but I chose to put my clothes in there.  So easy to see everything.  In Paris, I was living out of a suitcase and couldn't find anything the entire 9 days, my roomie, laughed at me the entire week.

citizenM even has a "love" waiting to greet you on your bed!
Who doesn't adore a "lovie" in their room?  Isn't this little guy cute? citizenM you have thought of  everything!!!  Of course, as a designer, I had to pullout one of my scarves, drape the chair and decorate the room, so lovie would have a nice spot.

Needless to say, I am being well taken care of at citizenM.  If you travel to London I highly recommend it for your stay.  If you would like to read more about citizenM visit their website.

I heard that citizenM is coming to New York and other cities in the states!  I can't wait!  Did I tell you how much I love citizenM?  It's perfect!

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