Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What To Do Now That Christmas Has Passed....

Christmas was yesterday, what are you doing today? Reflection, rest and relaxation I hope? My hubby, kids and I are enjoying a rainy day at my family's cabin.  Everyone is just hanging out!  I left my camera cord in Charlotte, so I can't share any photos from Christmas Day, so I will have to wait til later to do that post.  All I have is my iphone, so sorry the
 pics are so great! 

I have been reflecting on the holiday and catching up on emails, blog reading and thinking about what lies before me once I return to my home.  I left a house filled with piles of ripped up Christmas paper, boxes and things to be returned.  Instead of focusing on what has to be done, I have chosen to think about how lucky I am and how blessed I feel.  I have thought about the families who have had an empty chair at the Christmas dinner this year for the first time.   Missing an important member of the family due to sickness or distance or death.  I have thought about  people who didn't spend a warm Christmas inside or were alone.  I have thought about world hunger and those whose who were hungry during the holidays.  I have thought about those who weren't able to provide a tree surrounded with gifts for their family.  There is so much need in the world all year long, but for some reason we tend to focus on the need during the holidays.  Wonder what the world would be like if we thought of everyday as Christmas? 

I also pondered how the holidays can push us to do things we really don't want to do, be with people who are sometimes difficult or hard to be around.  As I have gotten older, I have had less patience with negativity, drama and narcissistic people.  I am certainly no saint and can't say that  it isn't hard for me to suck up my pride and be nice but I always feel better when I do chose to be nice no matter the circumstances. 

  In the spirit of the season, I want to share one of the best quotes I have ever read about Christmas from one of my favorite blogs "The Daily Love".  

"Remember, if Christmas isn't found in your heart, you won't find it under a tree."

My goal for 2013 is to have Christmas in my heart all year long.  To remember those who are needy, everyday not just during the holidays.  To try to love those that are hard to love, to be grateful for what I have.  My mentor Tobi Fairley, has chosen to focus our Mastermind group on self care, gratefulness and positivity for the New Year, as a member of her group, I am drinking the kool aid!  I have already begun to mediate and to take time to be grateful.  I can say I am a calmer and more peaceful person.  Even my hair stylist noticed it when I saw her a couple of days before Christmas!  I think it is working!

The quote below is one that I have had on my frig since 1995, I still believe it to be true.  My holiday wish for you is to enjoy each and everyday.  Subscribe to "The Daily Love" so you can give yourself a little love each day.  I get an email from them daily which always inspires me.  I suggest you sign up for it, it will bring you daily joy.  

Take time to be grateful!

Embrace change, it is the only thing that remains the same.
It's the only path to things improving...

It all begins with us....


They say when you make goals you should write them down, so I am including this
 quote because it is something that I struggle with personally.  I am a sensitive person, 
and often get my feelings hurt.  I am making a conscious decision to remember
 this quote and put it to practice in 2013. 

Join me on my journey to peace, self care and abundant gratefulness and love in 2013! 

I am going to have a weekly post that will be focused on this topic.

  You know the old saying " if mama ain't happy, no body's happy"!

Isn't that the goal not just for mama but for all of us?  Just to "be happy"?  If you can't 

experience two emotions at once, if you are happy, then that is all you can be right? 

 If we have "happy" all the other pieces fall into place, right?  Look what I found from loopzdesign on etsy !

I think I might have to order this for my collection....

Via loopzdesign on etsy

Thank you for reading my blog this year, I have exciting changes coming in 2013 to the blog! 

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    1. Thanks Patty! Hope you and MC are relaxing and enjoying your day!

  2. So enjoyed this post!
    Just beautiful!
    Faith, family and home!

    And I signed up for "The Daily Love" too!

    Enjoy the rest of the holiday!!!
    Curtain Lady Design

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  4. What a wonderful way to start the New Year! So glad I stumbled upon you :) You have inspired me with your grace and kindness and love of family and friends...and of course beautiful things!! Hope this New Year brings you much happiness, joy, peace and love, Lisa!

  5. Thank you for this post, Lisa! Hope you are enjoying your break. I have been using Gandhi's quote for the past several weeks in conversation with people. I have to look at The Daily Love site. Had not heard of it before. I will take a lot from this post and apply it - hopefully - in the new year - just what I need.

  6. Merry Christmas Lisa! Can't wait to see what you're going to do in 2013!



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