Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Be The Change You Want to See In The World, Starting Now

I want to share a little book that I have come to love

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It's called "The Daily Book of Positive Quotes" 
by Linda Picone.  Each page is filled with everyday
 life issues and a positive thoughtful way of dealing with them.
Here is an excerpt from the book:

"Keeping Perspective"

"When I hear someone sigh life is hard, I feel like
saying compared to what?"   ~Sydney J. Harris

"We like to compare our lives to those of people who are
richer, smarter, happier,better looking, more famous.  Why don't we have a house like the couple's down the street?  Why aren't we doing better at work?  Why can't we find the love of our lives? We forget that there are many people who look on us with envy. They would really like to have our job, live on our block or have our personal freedom.  
When we hear them talk about the things we take for granted,  
we remember we have it pretty good after all....

"It might sound corny but it does help 'to count my blessings" so I can be reminded of all the good things in my life"

One of my favorite quotes in the book is below...

"Write it in your heart, that everyday is the best day of the year"  - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Whether you chose to buy this book or another one, please go buy a daily devotional and join me in creating quiet time with good things to read for yourself each morning this year.  
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  1. What a great reminder for us all - thanks Lisa!

    1. Thanks! Don't know how I missed seeing your comment til now but so glad you popped in!!!! Happy New Year!!!

  2. Hi Lisa! I just found your blog, yay! Be The Change has been my mantra for a few years now and I appreciate that you addressed this powerful
    concept. All the best in 2013:)

    1. So happy to meet you! I look forward to our friendship!!!!

  3. You are such a great example for all your readers. You true faith and positivity shines.

    1. Holly, that means a lot coming from you!!!! Happy New Year!


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