Thursday, December 6, 2012

Look What Santa Brought Me Early!!!!!!

I am so beyond excited about a package I received yesterday!  My friend Julia sent me Juliska's
Country Estate dinnerware in ruby!!!  I have already put the platter on my welsh cupboard!  The rest is
washed and ready for use.  As a matter of fact, my hubby and I had our morning coffee in the mugs!
Am I a lucky girl or what?  Santa must have thought I was really good!!!

Now you be a good boy or girl and don't forget to enter my WilsonArt HD countertop Giveway if you want new countertops in your kitchen and a new undermount sink!!  For details in case you missed the original post, click here!  I'm going to working on a house the next couple of day that is on tour on Saturday so not sure I will get around to blogging much.  I also have an article I promised someone, a playlist I promised someone not to mention shopping and decorating to get done!  Whew!  Are you as overwhelmed as I am?   We need to stop, breathe and relax, right?  After all, it's about enjoying the season, not being perfect!  (Repeat 100 times until you believe this!)

Happy Thursday!!!

Congrats to my friends who were invited on BlogTour Cologne!!!!

 If you haven't voted for Lisa Mende Design on
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 I would love it if you did !!! I have slipped in the rankings!
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  1. Lisa-
    Such a perfect gift for for Christmastime!! SO, so beautiful!
    I will have to visit Juliska.
    Happy Thursday.

  2. The craze of December is upon us for sure!! Congrats of your pretty gift and nomination...going to vote now!

  3. What a lovely gift! I bet that coffee tasted the best ever!

  4. have been good. I tried to vote for you but it said that voting was closed :(

  5. what a lovely sweet of your friend! They are very cute...

  6. Lisa,
    What a lucky girl you are! I love this china–check it out on my blog side bar.
    Have a great weekend ... headed for the mountains.
    xo, Lissy

    1. have fun in the mountains! i love my new china!! i have the grey and white too!


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