Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birthday Giveaway & Hermes Wish List..

I'm taking a break from my regular post this week to have a little birf-day fun ...

It's actually strange that I'm drawing attention to my birthday, since I'm the girl, who does everything possible, to avoid having anyone celebrate my birthday!  Friends get really frustrated because I always come up with excuses why we don't need to celebrate me.  I don't know why I don't like anyone making a fuss over me.  I've always subscribed to "it's more blessed to give than to receive". That's why I'm giving ya'll gifts for my birthday! Could it be I'm secretly trying to make up for boring you to death?  Giving you gifts for putting up with me!  How's that for a fair trade?  Sorry if you feel you are getting the short end of the stick, but hey it is "all about moi", right?  Well, at least this week!  

Since we are talking birthdays, don't you hate it when people ask, "What do you want for your birthday?".  Hummm... that question always has me stumped.  I did a little research and here is what I came up with.  Bet they'll be sorry they asked.

 Did they really want to know?

I'm seeing orange...

Under benches....

Under tables...

in nooks and crannies all over my house....

So what is in all those orange boxes....
  hope it's this...Even though stats show people don't really wear watches anymore.  I'll call it arm candy...

or this...totally chic for taking blog photos..No one will ever guess that my photography skills suck... bout this little number?  they will be thinking "cool belt" instead noticing the size of my waist, right?

Aren't we all suppose to aspire to own a Birkin Bag, named for singer, song writer Jane Birkin?  Not really, at $25,000 - 85,000, I'm kinda like my friend Pam, who says something that expensive better have wheels, drink gas and ride my butt around.  

After all this girl bought'm all anyway...

or may be something for the home probably 
more in the price range...

Naaaah...forget the print...lets "go big or go home" we are talking...Need a couple of these to make pillows and a few more to hang on the wall....YES!

Of course any good designer will pop color around the room, so we might need this tray to make the scarves sing!  while you are at it, I'll take the entire room  please....

Oh, and one more thing...
The avalon blanky...need I say more...

it's like jewelry for the sofa...perfectly accessorized...

more arm candy...

I'll take any color....i'm not that picky i swear!

Heck, I'll even take the Carolina Blue (UNC) one, He might spring for this one since it's his alma mater colors and they are playing this weekend in the Sweet Sixteen....

 My daughter hates "Carolina blue " though, she is a student at NC State, their colors are red.  They are playing this weekend too, so here's a little something red just for Becks....

 I think this is the only red thing I have ever wanted other than a pair of red bottomed shoes, but hey, there is always a first right?  Why not let it be Hermes...

I even found the perfect birthday cake...

The perfect flowers...

A girl can dream on her birthday can't she?  If not then, when?

(all photos courtesy of Hermes or Pinterest)

Now, on to what you came here for....

The Birthday Giveaway
(See Rules for Entering at the bottom of the post)

(drumrolll please)

Thursdays gift is...

The Madrid Orange Cuff 
($49. value)

(Of course  it's orange since today's post is all about orange..)
Recap of the week....
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  1. morning, I LOVED the post today, you know I have a little partiality to orange!!! Happy Birthday week! love ya! Jewels

    1. Yeah! Go Tigers!! Haha! You might need that bracelet for games!!!!

  2. I absolutely adore that orange watch. I think I might DIY myself one this weekend, but go a bit more vintage. I have a boss who carries around a low end Hermes bag - ends up around $8,000. We all have that lying around right? (please note my sarcasm!!! lol) - email:

    1. Wooo...vintage is a great idea!!!! You smart girl!!! Can you believe the low end is $8000.00? Yeah right, I'll buy you one of your birthday!!! Heck I'll buy all my readers one right? Look for a giveaway soon! Haha!!(note: my scarcest!!!)

  3. Replies
    1. Me too but then I am an Auburn fan!! Gotta Love it! thanks for commenting and tweeting !!! have a great day!

  4. You know me...tweeted away!

  5. following via GFC ... I totally hear you about the Birkin. I'm sorry - no bag is worth that kind of money. (Although -- I'd gladly take one if someone just gave it to me, or if I could find a good knock-off replica) ;)

    1. You've got the right idea Celeste!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope your day is awesome!!

  6. I went to NC State too, but I do love all that orange stuff. I need that bracelet !

    1. Yay Wolfpack! I think orange looks great with red!

  7. You have certainly had a lot of fun with this post and I have had fun taking in all the lovely tangerine hues! I love the scarves on the wall vignette. I guess today - fri is your birthday so I wish you a very happy birthday, Lisa. Hope you celebrate all weekend long.

    1. I have had fun with this. Hope you readers have as well!

  8. LOVE this post and loooooove this giveaway!


  9. Replies
    1. Thanks for commenting! Hope you are having a great weekend!


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