Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bringing Natural Elements Inside....

 Remember the pieces of driftwood I purchased a couple of weeks ago?
If not, here are a couple of pics....

Driftwood was popular in the 60's and 70's and has recently made a come back in home decor.
I bought these pieces to make a wall sculpture for a client's dining room.

This morning, when trying to decide if I was going to part with them
 or go buy more for the client when I had a thought..

My favorite place in the world is the beach, so naturally I should
 have some things to remind me of my favorite place when I cannot be there, right?

  Here are some images that are not only appealing but remind me of my favorite place.  
Do you have reminders of your favorite getaway in your home?

This dining room by Bear Hill Interiors has always been one of my all time favorite dining rooms.  It has a capiz shell chandelier, a driftwood table, blue of the ocean in the art and the objects on the table.  If my eyes are seeing correctly, it looks as though the ceiling is painted blue like the sky.  The lack of a rug in room keeps the space casual and makes me think of nature.  I especially like the driftwood table base painted white for a softer look in this space. The bold punches of color are all colors found in nature. 

This space screams beach to me!...uhmmmm... so that's why I like so much!!!

How about you, do you like this space?

Bear Hill Interiors

Driftwood doesn't necessarily have to beachy connotation.  It could be what a room needs to add surprising element to keep the space from feeling too formal as in this room designed  by Tiffany Eastman Interiors.  The addition of the two driftwood side tables definitely adds an interesting element to this apartment in New York City.

This photo of a room designed by Christi Holcombe of Atlanta doesn't scream beach, but does remind me of the nature.  The soft flowing shape of the driftwood lamp is a perfect compliment to hard lines of the chevron and the greek key trim on the pillows.  The natural tone of the wood with this luscious green and the pillow fabric with tree trees and wildlife
 does reminds me of a walk in the forest! 

Bringing the outdoors in is just what this bay window needed.  This table scape is
loaded with a great mix organic items.  The pops of red are dynamite!

Driftwood art by Life in the Fun Lane

This leads me to the question...are the most successful interiors, ones that bring in elements of nature?  I think so.  Do you have elements of nature in your home?  Plants, trees, birds, driftwood, wildlife, botanicals, good lighting?  

If you are interested in getting some nature inspired pieces for your home, 
here are some links to some items available online....

This table from Crate and Barrel is like the one in the photo about in the bay window.
I can think of so many places this would look great.  
Crate and Barrel Table

Love this driftwood floor lamp from Arteriors.  It is available in white or natural.

Here is a table like the one in the first photo available online from All Drift Wood.com
AllDriftWood.com $2500.00

I have this tree stump table from West Elm in my own home and it is perfect beside a chair or grouped as shown below in front of a sofa.
West Elm Natural Tree Stump Table $199 each

Do you like natural elements?  

Would you incorporate it into your own home or that of your clients? 
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  1. I do love the Bear Hill Interiors dining room. Those are my favorite colors and do remind me very much of the ocean. Very calming. I love capiz shell lighting. I think nature indoors does strike a balance and is a must. Have to freshen up mine with spring naturals soon. I like any naturals mixed with other elements.

    1. You and I definitely think alike Lisa ! Have a great week!

      xo Lisa

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