Saturday, March 31, 2012

 It was really hard to climb out of bed this morning and go watch my little buddy play soccer in the rain but I saw him score two awesome goals, the only two for the team!  We came home and cooked veggie omelets, country ham and hash browns after the game.  Everybody but me is chillin and unplugged which I am about to do!  Gotta figure out what I am wearing to the party tonight.  Gotta micromanage what the Hubs will wear a bit too.  (Don't tell him...I want him to think it was his idea!)  I have nothing in my closet I want to wear and still contemplating what I bought this week.  Nothing really hitting me yet. Really the only thing a girl needs is a great pair of I am off in hopes of finding a pair that makes my heart skip a beat, of course I will probably end up shopping in my own closet.  But that's ok, too.
That would make my hubby smile...

here's hoping you will unplug a little and live in the moment today!

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