Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Looks Versus Comfot...Can You Have Both?


"No room can be called perfect unless it has real comfort".
                                                    -Dorothy Draper

There are many beautiful rooms.  We see them everywhere, but how many of these beautiful rooms are truly comfortable spaces?  The next time you see a beautiful room in a magazine, stop and think whether it would be comfortable to live in.  I realize that most of the photos you see in the magazines are rooms styled for the shoot, but many are  designed to be admired and not lived in. It is possible to have a beautiful room and a comfortable room?  In order to answer this question,we have to ask ourselves, " what makes a room comfortable"?  This varies by individual, so I am asking you to take inventory of your rooms.  Are you comfortable in your own home?  Did you make comfort a priority in your design?  If not, how can you make your home more comfortable and still have a designer looking space?  
Look at these spaces and see what you think....

This room is great looking, but where is the cozy chair?  Does this look like a room you would want to hang out in when your feet hurt?  I think it looks more like a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't wanna live there room. I'm hoping there is a cozy little den somewhere off of this space but then what could you do to have this great look and make it comfortable too?

 Was this room edited for the photo shoot?  Yet again, this would be great for a quick chat while headed somewhere else but not for extended conversation,right?  I think it looks more lie a waiting room than a living room.  Thoughts please?

This room looks fairly comfortable, but could you throw in an ottoman or footstool for those chairs?

What about this room?  Again, a beautiful room, but where is the comfort?  In this particular room, I'm also wondering how the people sitting in the chairs will converse with the people on the sofa?  Hopefully this was stylized for the shoot and there is really another sofa on this side of the room...  

Enter Tamara Mellon's living room.  As owner of Jimmy Choo Shoes, she'd better have a good place to be comfortable at the end of the day when she kicks off those high heels. This room has really cozy sofas and the option to pull up the ottoman to prop up one's feet.  The extra long sofas provide room for lounging too. Not bad for a great looking room and rather formal space. So it is possible for a room to be formal and comfy?  I think this room is a winner! 

This casual room has lots of options for comfort.  Comfy sofa with chaise on one end.  Ottoman for the seating to share.  


How about this room by Suzanne Rheinstein?  It is very formal yet she does have a chaise for someone to relax.  Does this meet the criteria for a comfortable room?  

How do we make our rooms great look and comfortable?
One way is to incorporate a large ottoman into the room instead of a coffee table?  It allows every person in the seating group to take advantage of putting their feet up. If you have an ottoman instead of a coffee table it is necessary to have smaller table available for drinks, books or anything that requires a table top.  You could also put a large tray on the ottoman to create a table top surface.    


Another way to make a room comfortable is to have a cozy chair with an ottoman.  This would make a nice reading corner in a family room or bedroom.

Here is another chair and ottoman cozy spot.

A chaise lounge is another way to add comfort to a room.  
There are so many options, some more comfortable than others.  Here are a few options.... 

If I had this spot in my house I might not go to work ever!

 Sharon Osborne has a perfect little cozy spot in her home.

The perfect reading corner in a bedroom...

Velvet, sunshine and a chaise, the perfect combo...

To have a chaise by the fire would be perfect Heaven to me!

 Another comfy little reading corner.

 These chaise are great looking, although not quite as comfy as the other type chaises, they do provide a place for lounging, while looking really chic!

  Is comfort a priority with you? Does your house look like a showroom, but isn't really comfortable?  The pretty rooms in the magazines, sell magazines, but when decorating your home, I think you must consider comfort.  
Are you in the mood for comfort? Where do you like to relax in your home? Do you have a cozy reading corner? Does everyone in your house fight over the same chair?  

If so, may be you need to rethink your design.  
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