Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shamrocks...I Mean Quatrefoils...Oh My!

In keeping with the holiday at hand...


Trefoil: a stylized shamrock, such as St. Patrick used in evangelizing Ireland, the trefoil is a symbol of the Most Holy Trinity.
Quatrefoil: ubiquitous in Gothic architecture, the quatrefoil symbolizes the four evangelists, as do the Winged Man (Matthew), Lion (Mark), Ox (Luke), and Eagle (John) -- the four beasts of Ezeckiel and the Apocalypse.

Did you know that originally blue was the color
 that represented St. Patrick's Day?
It's true, originally St. Patrick's blue was the color 
and it was later changed to green!

Small Blue Things

I'm seeing shamrocks, I mean quatrefoils  everywhere....

Cloverleaf mirror by Kichler

Suzanne Kasler for Visual Comforts

Suzanne Kasler for Visual Comforts

Quadrafoil from Shades of Light

Coco Cozy Fabric

Nenavon pillows $65.00 each

Moroccan Quatrefoil pillow $33. from WillaSkyeHome


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Beau Monde by Ann Sacks


Desire to Inspire

Cloverleaf Table by Bobby McAlpine
Things That Inspire

Shamrocks are popular on St Patrick's Day but the quatrefoil which was derived from the shamrock has become one of the most popular motifs used in fabrics, lighting, rugs, furniture and architecture.  Are you feeling the love?
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  1. Love... love... love this post! Wonderful images - perfect for this week! Happy St. Patty's Day ...thanks for sharing and hope you have a lovely weekend! Jalon

  2. I obviously adore the quatrefoil - and especially the version combined with a square! - so thanks to your post, I am going to consider St. Patrick's Day one of my new favorite holidays! I never thought about it like that! And I love the info about the blue. I had no idea!

    1. Traci, I take that as the biggest complement ever! Happy Thursday!


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