Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To Use Marble or Not To Use Marble, That is The Question...

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  While it is fun to design for others, it can be quite frustrating designing for myself.   I can think of about a thousand options for one solution.   Working alone, you quickly realize how important the client's opinion is to the design process.  Limits are placed on the design based on the client's needs, likes and dislikes which creates boundaries and narrows down options.  When working on my own project, I don't have those boundaries, so my mind is continually redesigning the space.  Since I don't have a design partner or assistant, there isn't anyone else to ask.  My family isn't any help either.  They don't really care!  "Whatever you like Mom or honey" is all I hear.  This can be good and bad!    

Why am I in a quandary over this decision?  If this was my forever house, it would be a no brainer, I would choose marble but we aren't!  We have been in this house for 17 years and chances are good we will move within the next few years.   

 If we were to sell the house, would marble be less  appealing to potential buyers?  
 This is the ever returning question that is holding up this design process.....
Do I go ahead and use the marble I love for my countertops or do I choose granite, which I know is better for resale, even though I am not really a granite kind of gal? I know I can also use soapstone, concrete, solid surface or Caesarstone, but it still comes down to marble or granite.  I choose marble over all those other options, but the issue is really resale.  

 Please give me your opinions!!!  Marble, love it or hate it?  

What about this option?  Have you seen IdealEdge by Formica?  
Looks pretty good here.  Has anyone used this...

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  1. I came up against the same problem when I was overhauling my former condo. I found it so much harder making design decisions for myself than it was to help a client with their decisions!
    Usually, I would say design for yourself, not for the next occupant, but it's a little tougher since you see yourself moving in a few years.
    I haven't used the new Formica product, but I saw an installation of it at the Winnipeg Kitchen Bath and Reno show and was totally impressed. I couldn't believe how good of a replica of stone it was (an I'm not usually a fan of "fake" stone)!

    Good luck Lisa as you hash this out :)

    1. Happy Thursday Amy! I think I have made my decision! Will let you know! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Here in Dallas people want for resale it would work. I just did a kitchen renovation in our home and went with Quartzite. It was actually more expensive than marble (harder to get?) but has the qualities of granite but the look of marble. I love it! And we've only been in the house for two weeks and I've twice found red wine rings on the counter after the fact. Each time I smiled wiping up the rings....

    We thought if a synthetic material before we found quartzite and I called out realtor...she said she'd stay away from it from a resale perspective. But what do I know? I made my decisions like I will be here, my husband will get transferred unexpectedly!

    1. Good to know Susie! I'll check that out! Thanks for commenting!


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