Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Split pants are popular in China....

I know this is an interior design blog, but have you ever
heard of split pants? Well, me neither!
Did you know that diapers are unheard of in China?
When babies are only a few months old they begin to wear crotchless pants or
as our group called them "split pants"!  We were all so intrigued by this!

Take a close look for yourself below.....

These babies were in the park on the day we strolled through 
from Tiananmen's Square.  We all began to look for these pants every 
time we saw a baby and you guessed it...they all were wearing them!  
Here is a link to how they train the babies like this, just click here!

 I could have saved a fortune on diapers if I had gone 
to China before I had children!  

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