Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yankee Doodle Dandy...

Fourth of July is just around the corner...
Here are a few inexpensive ideas to put your family in the spirit..

Make sure to hang your flags and your bunting!  Remember the flag is suppose to be illuminated at night!
Also, if you are hanging your flag vertically, make sure the stars are in the observers far left.

Nothing says summer and 4th of July like red, white and blue flowers
planted together in a window box!

Cupcakes are always a hit with the kids!
 Create a cupcake tower.  If you don't have  footed cake plates,
create your own display with plates and glasses stacked. Pick
up a few flags from your local party store for the top of the tower!

 Make red, white and blue candles by coloring sand or rice and layering
in glass containers. Beverage glasses would work well for this idea.

 Make the table festive by painting stripes or layering
plastic tablecloths and securing with tape.  

Last but certainly not least, dessert....
 Banana Split cupcakes
Click here for recipe!

Frozen Banana Split Cake by Paula Deen
Recipe here!

Make this holiday fun for your family!  Play games, shoot fireworks and have a blast!
Gather the kids for a family softball game or sack race!  Most of all be
thankful for the independence we enjoy every day of our lives!
If you have any favorite family traditions please share them!

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