Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Etsy for Art...

When I need art for a project I typically frequent the
local art galleries for original art.  If my client has a budget
and art gallery art is too expensive I check out online
sources like ebay and Etsy for better priced art.
If you aren't familiar with Esty, it is the world's most
vibrant marketplace!    It is a social commerce website where
 you can find everything from art, photography,
clothing, jewelry,toys, wedding items, custom products, stationery,
and many other things direct from the person who makes it!
Esty offers beautiful original art at great prices.
There is something for everyone.  
Here are few pieces of original art that I liked...
Original Still life with two pears by AQUADARwatercolors  10" x 12"  $95.00

"On the Lake"  8 x 10   $100

After the Rain original acrylic by Little Black Kitty Art
16 x 20  $125.00

Karen Tarlton  "Summer Hydrangeas"
Original oil 16 x 20  

"Looking at the Summer Rain" 18 x 24  $199.50

"Gifts of Spring" by Linda Monfort    24 x 24  $255.00

Stinson 28 x 22  $265

"Old Rusty Wreck"  16 x 24  $195

"Palampore Tree" by Andrew Daniel 36 x 44  $308


Original Art Whimsical Tree by Karen Fields 
48" x 24"  $425.00

Go to www.etsy.com today and have fun shopping 
in the comfort of your own home!  There are so many
more artists and styles available.  You will get lost
in a world of creativity!


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