Tuesday, January 27, 2015

For Great Modular Refrigeration Options Check out U-Line!

When it comes to under the modular refrigeration, U-Line is a favorite of mine.  I especially love how modular refrigeration allows me to create unique solutions for the way my clients live.  As a matter of fact, U-line was the brand that Traci Zeller and I chose for our own kitchenette in Studio 202, for many reasons.  We needed a front venting unit and wanted a handsome beverage center with sleek styling.  Did you know that there aren't many front venting units?  Most beverage centers vent from the back.  This is an important selling feature of U-Line products. 

We have been so pleased with our U-Line!  I wanted to share a picture of it installed so you can see how great it looks.  We toyed with using a using an integrated frame so that we could apply a cabinet door to hide the beverage center but decided we liked the sleek look of the stainless instead.  What do you think?  Do you like the look?  

U-Line Model 3000 Series
Our pick for our studio kitchen was the U-Line Model 3000 Series.  This refrigerator has convection cooling which cools items to set temperatures rapidly and effectively.  The compressor in U-Line units is rubber mounted which eliminates vibrations keeping the unit quiet.

If you aren't familiar with U-Line products, please pop over to their website and check out the various product offerings. Beverage Refrigeration isn't all they offer.  They make wine refrigerators, drawer refrigeration, freezers, outdoor and marine refrigerators and more.  

This year at KBIS U-Line debuted a first 24" frost free freezer and was in the running for Best of KBIS 2015!   How nice is it to have freezer options inside your kitchen without the big box!  Gotta love easy access storage options like this!

U-Line's refrigerator drawers offer the flexibility of having built-in refrigeration anywhere in the kitchen.  

 This kitchen island installation demonstrates how a beverage refrigerator, refrigerated drawers and a wine refrigerator can work side by side to bring the best of all worlds in a design that doesn't interfere with the beauty of the kitchen.  Sleek, design with the ultimate functionality is what U-Line modular refrigeration provides.

Who needs the big box refrigerator, when you can divide your refrigeration into work zones to maximize efficiency?  

U-Line has been a forerunner in the ice machine department for years.  Their ice makers use less than 3 gallons of water to produce 25 lbs of ice a day.  The crescent ice cubes produced by their ice machines is preferred by many because of their ability to keep drinks cooler. 

 Side by side storage allows for beverages to be
 divided into zones for easy access.

Ever dreamed of having a beverage center in the master bath?   U-Line can provide options which can be integrated into your spaces behind cabinetry.  

U-Line also offers an ADA Series which is designed to be used under a 34" high countertop which meets the federally mandated requirement. These models feature easily accessible controls and allow for single-hand operation. 
This is a perfect solution where ADA height compliance is required.  

U-Line also offers outdoor options for your outdoor kitchens or grilling areas.  Gone are the days of running back and forth from the kitchen to the grill.  Serve your guests and enjoy your outdoor entertaining in style.  U-Line also offers marine refrigeration.  Read more about that on their website if you need refrigeration on a boat.

Have you enjoyed learning more about U-Line products?  I can't tell you how much I love this line and the options it allows me to offer clients.  If you are in the market for modular refrigeration, make sure you consider U-Line.  
U-Line offers quality refrigeration without comprising on aesthetics.  Their products are as handsome as they are functional.  
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