Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fairley Modern - Tobi Fairley in Rue

   Have you seen this penthouse designed by Tobi Fairley in Rue Magazine?   It a real stunner!   Known for her bold use of color, Tobi really brings it to this project.  The foyer wallpaper custom designed by Tracy Hiner owner of Black Crow Studios wraps the walls in cobalt bliss!  This penthouse is off the chain gorgeous. I've included a few of my favorite photographs taken by talented photographer, Nancy Nolen. 

What so you like most about this project?  The custom wallpapers, high gloss striped floor, brass shelving in the kitchen or that green vanity?  Wait...there's more!  I am only sharing a few photographs of this project.  If you want to see the entire project visit Rue here.  The master bedroom and bath are also swoon-worthy.

  This project is a testament to the talents of Tobi Fairley.  She is a designer, a consultant, and tastemaker extraordinaire!   I was excited to learn Tobi is launching a new online consulting program, Tobi U tomorrow. This program is going to be revolutionary for any designer, business owner or design enthusiast, who desires quality online consulting.  Sit in the comfort of your home and take classes from Tobi U. 

Interested in finding out how you can become a student of Tobi U?

   Be one of the first to join Tobi U and receive an amazing offer!  This is a program that can take your business to the next level.   Tobi's consulting program will be worth your time and money.   It is "Lisa Mende" recommended!

Here's a added bonus...Since I am Facebook friends with the photographer, Nancy Nolen who shot this feature, here is a picture that didn't make it in the magazine...

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  1. I love Tobi Fairley's work; how exciting to see the bonus photo. That chandelier is gorgeous!! And I love all the cobalt.

    1. I do as well Carrie! If you want to see more go to Tobi's post today, she has them all. Really gorgeous!

  2. Replies
    1. I love that too Maria. Not sure what my favorite is though. I love the master too!

  3. It is amazing and I can't get over the kitchen and bathroom - gorgeous!!

    1. Yes it is Kristy, go to Tobi's website today and see the other pictures...ah-mazing!


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