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How To Create a Custom Home: Hickory Chair

Have you ever questioned why you should hire a designer?  I mean come on, you can copy a room from Pinterest and order similar products from Restoration Hardware can't you?  You can buy complete vignette off the floor at Pottery Barn as an option too.   Is that what you want your home to say about you?  Fast, easy and well I want to say cheap, but let's face it, buying retail is an investment too.  Decorating your home from the big box stores isn't cheap, but you get a look that is generic. Do you really want to invest your hard earned dollars in furniture that 

 As a designer, buying from the big box stores is something I don't understand.  Why would you want cookie cutter interiors, when you can have a custom look for a little more money?  Our homes tell a story about us, do you really want your story to be bland and average or what I call the "vanilla" decorating look?  

A true designer works hard to create a custom look that speaks to your design aesthetic and tells your story.  Sure designers sometimes buy filler pieces from retailers to finish out a room and stay on budget, but the majority of items are often custom tailored for the client's project.  Customization is what sets your home apart from your neighbor's house. One of the companies designers often look to for customization is Hickory Chair.  

Hickory Chair Furniture Company has been creating custom furniture since 1911 in Hickory, North Carolina.  It's hard to believe this company has been creating beautiful furniture for over one hundred years!  To think, Hickory Chair began with  a made-to-order dining chair and simple vision.  Today, Hickory Chair's furniture continues to be made to order by a talented team of artisans.  The company has maintained its original vision of custom craftsmanship and timely service.   Have you seen all the beautiful furniture Hickory Chair is creating these days?  Wow, is all I can say!  Pop over to their website and see the complete collection from Hickory Chair.

I visited the Hickory Chair Showroom during High Point Market and fell in love with the Everett Lounger silhouette shown here.  As I walked through the showroom, I saw the Everett chair in several fabrics with custom details tweaked to create various looks.  This is a great example of how Hickory Chair's customization can create unique furniture for your home.

Here the Everette Loungeris shown in a dark green mohair fabric
 with cream pipping. How handsome would this chair
 be in a gentleman's study?

Would you recognize this chair as the same chair as above?  The Everette Lounger
shown here in a more formal look.  The cushion back and seat has been
 tufted and self piped to create a chair more suited to a living room. 

The Everett is shown in a creme fabric, with leather piping and buttons for
 a more casual look. 

I've shown you the same chair offered in three different options, are you amazed at how differently the fabrications look?  This is a small example of the many ways this chair can be crafted to meet the demands of a custom designed room.  The next time you are redecorating a room in your home.  Ask yourself, "do I want something my neighbor can buy or do I want something unique for my home."  I'll bet in the long run you will save money by hiring the designer and getting a custom look, which won't be on sale in six months when the retailer's catalogue rolls out with a new look.  Custom created designs have longevity because we don't tire from seeing them advertised all over the place.  Quality furniture like Hickory Chair offers bench made quality, which lasts longer than mass produced furniture too. 

Your home deserves quality furniture like Hickory Chair!  
As your designer today for Hickory Chair
Quality furniture with custom options, that's Hickory Chair!

Let Hickory Chair make your home's story unique!   

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Disclosure: Hickory Chair was one of my sponsors for High Point Market.  All opinions are my own.  I only blog about brands I think are of interest to my readers. 

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