Thursday, November 6, 2014

H & M SouthPark Opens Today!!

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Sorry I have been MIA lately, I was away for a family wedding and stayed at my parents house who can't remember the password to their internet.  Silly me forgot to take my hotspot.  I left my parents and went to Raleigh to help my daughter move into a new "old" place that needed lots of love and attention.  Again, no internet, so I had a week of unplugging from the blog.  I actually missed you guys!  Got my daughter settled and her place looks great.  Even went to Furbish and picked up a few things for her new digs.  Speaking of shopping, we have a new store in South Park opening today.  Did you know?

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 Charlotte’s newest H&M Store opens today at noon in the MACY’s wing at South Park Mall.      The first  200 shoppers in line will receive an H&M tee shirt and an Access to Fashion Pass, valued at $10 to $300.   If you live in Charlotte, and want to go, you better get in line early.  The lines at an H&M are historically crazy!  

 Unfortunately, rumor has it that this H&M will not be one of 50 US stores to get the Alexander Wang collaboration collection also debuting today.  So phooey on that.  Here are some things I saw at H& M that I plan to pop over and check out once the crowds die down.
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Do you shop at H&M?  I'm all about the high/low when it comes to fashion and decor.
What have you seen at H&M you like? 

Scoop Charlotte said you can donate old or unwanted clothing items before the store opens for the chance to win an H&M gift card valued between $50 and $100 (and maybe receive a voucher for 15% off your entire next purchase – 
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  1. Lisa I have missed you! Loving the black jumpsuit, very nice!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. you are too kind! thank you for your sweet words! you should order that jumpsuit! would look great on you!


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