Tuesday, November 11, 2014

5 Affordable Desks for a Boy's Room & Tips To Help You Pick The Right One!

I've been looking for a handsome desk for a boy's room project.  Most boys don't  care if a desk has lots of drawers or not.  One decent sized drawer for pencils, pens, calculator and notebook paper is about all most people need.  I like to specify desks that are ageless.  Children grow up so fast it's crazy to buy a little desk. I say go big or go home!  I have chosen five adult size desks, that work well for children's room and can transition into adulthood.   When kids reach a certain age, it's hard to come up with ideas for gifts to buy them for Christmas.  A nice desk makes a great Christmas gift! 

Who knows, you might motivate your teen to study with the right desk! 

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Love the sleek lines of the Addison desk.  The rich chocolate finish and antique brass frame make it a perfect retro piece to fit into many design styles.


Great Mid-Century desk shown here in blue, but available in white and black.

This desk doesn't have a drawer, so you would need to put a pencil holder
 and a box on top to hold supplies.  It is available in two sizes.

I used this desk in another project and was surprised at the quality for the low $199 price tag.  It's probably the cheapest desk in the post today plus it's currently 25% off.  It is available in red, green and white as well. 


This desk has a cool industrial vibe.  I like the mix of the wood with metal. 
 It is also very well priced. 

Did you see a desk you like?  If not, there are a world of options out there!  Let me help you find the perfect desk for your project!
Contact  Lisa@lisamende.com and we can begin a search for your perfect desk!

5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Desk

1. Measure where you want the desk to be in your room, so you know what
 size desk you need for your area.  Take into consideration the depth of the desk.

2. If possible buy the chair when you buy the desk so you know you are
 getting one that works for your desk both size wise and style wise.

3.  Make sure you have enough leg room under the desk.

4.  Make sure the top of the desk is large enough for the task you plan to
 perform on the desk.  If you have a huge computer monitor and keyboard,
 you will need a larger desk than someone who only has a small laptop. 

5. Make sure there is at least one drawer for storing pens,pencils,
paper, a stapler, scissors, etc. 

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