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Laufen Bathrooms - Blogtour London with Modenus

 With over 4.5 million ceramic pieces, Laufen is one of the largest bathroom manufacturers in the world. Founded in Switzerland in 1892, Laufen is known for creating the highest quality, well designed products available for bathrooms. Laufen's wide product offerings range from sinks, to bathtubs, faucets, furniture, and accessories. Laufen works with leading architects and designers to provide high design aesthetic and innovative products with Swiss quality.  In other words, their products are functional, as well as beautiful.
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On our first day of Blogtour London our group had the privilege of being part of the unveiling of Laufen's latest collaboration with Kartell at designjunction in London. When two iconic brands like these two come together magic happens. The finely tuned integrated bathroom project created from this collaboration is sleek,minimal and sophisticated.  See for yourself....

  Our group couldn't wait for our chance to touch the products.  We listened patiently to how the project came together but as soon as the talk was over, we rushed over to see and feel the products up close.  They truly are as sleek and sexy and imagined.

 The most significant part of this innovation is the development of a new ceramic material call SaphirKeramik which is unique to Laufen. This product is twice as strong, more ecological and thinner than ceramic.  It has a special ingredient added which creates the added strength which is important not only to the design process, but also to durability for the consumer.  Products made form this material use less material and therefore are lighter weight with thinner walls.  This helps to soften the impact to the environment through not only production, but also shipping and installation.  The end result created is a beautiful product with sleek, minimal design.  Ceramics with thin, almost live edges, and invisible drain outlets that hidden below essential slots.  The look is seamless and sexy.  The incorporation of the Kartell pieces with their lightness create a dialogue against the weight of the ceramics.  Transparent plastic furnishings in the form of stools, side tables, stackable units, mirrors and lamps in clear, amber, and ink change the mood of the bathroom depending on the color chosen.  The Kartell pieces are the perfect compliment to Laufen's pieces.  One of my favorite details was the versatile tray which sits upon the handle of the faucet. (shown below)  When used on the tub faucet,his tray can hold a bath gels or anything needed in the tub and then removed if no longer desired or for easy cleaning.  It's amazing the warmth it adds to the metal surface.

Its a perfect compliment to the sink faucet as well.  
Here it can hold a toothbrush, paste or a cup.

The bathroom birthed from this collaboration has a zen like quality.  You can see it in the photographs, but you feel it even more when standing in the space.   All around us at designjunction, was the hustle and bustle of excitement over new products, but when inside the Laufen space it was sheer calm. (other than our excitement over Laufen) 

If you are craving a little calm in your own home bath environment, you owe it to yourself to check out Kartell by Laufen.   The investment of this luxury will be worth your time and effort.  

 A special thank you to Laufen for introducing me to such a beautiful product line!

Thank you to the wonderful sponsors of Blogtour London!

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  1. So beautiful Lisa. I would love a new bath with a fabulous selection of Kartell by Laufen!

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  2. Good work Lisa! This is really a good selection of arts. Love your designs....If you are looking for bathroom fitters then visit Bathroom Installers London

    1. Thanks Steve! You should check out Modenus.com and become a sponsor for Blogtour!


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