Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gessi Luxury Bath and Kitchen Products

Have you ever seen a more beautiful sink with ceiling mounted tap?  The look is so sculptural, it would be at home as an installation in an art museum.  It is a form of art, but it isn't found in a museum, but rather a bathroom. It's from the design forward Italian collection of bath products Gessi USA.  Are you familiar with this fabulous line?  If not, allow me to introduce you to the Gessi Products. 
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The Gessi company began with a clear vision and goal for change and innovation.  The name itself if synonymous with superior design and technology.  Gessi thinks outside of the box to create super modern kitchen and bath fixtures that offer creativity and versatility.  This practice has led them from a small workshop to a major global presence.   

 Their reputation spans the gambit in design projects from luxury hotels, spas, yachts and private residences.

The Goccia collection from Gessi offers faucets and wash basins with a truly sculptural quality. Designed by Prospero Rasulo, the design of the faucet was inspired by the natural curvature and shape of a drop of water.  The line consists of faucets that can be suspended from a ceiling mount as shown in the first photograph, mounted on a wall or can function as a stand alone fixture. 


Shown here is the Goccia wash basin which makes a statement in black and almost 12" tall.

The Rattangolo collection faucet shown is a sleek no nonsense rectangular form of pure beauty. It offers a
 sensory, tactile and visual experience.

 Here we have my favorite wash basin from the Mimi Collection.  At home in any decor, the Mimi basin a modern classic. It is available in many sizes, colors and materials.   

Another favorite is the floor mounted pedestal Mimi wash basin sink in ceramilux glazed white. The sculptural shape of this pair of basins create a stunning visual impact.

The shower products are equally as amazing.

The Tremillimetri (3 Millimeter) Bath Ambience Spa series shower head mounts to the wall and offers a sleek circular or rectangular low-key profile in stainless steel finish.  I can only imagine that this shower must feel like your own lovely rain shower.  Sign me up!

I've given you glimpse of why the  Gessi brand is acknowledged worldwide, for it's fashion forward design and innovations. I've also shared some of my favorites from this beautiful line, now it's you turn to visit the website and choose your favorites.  Click here to see the complete line of Gessi products.

  If you want a totally spa like experience in your own home, why not look to Gessi,a company known worldwide for producing top quality Italian made products for the past twenty years?  

Gessi best describes themselves as

"Matter,Form and Function"
Design Reinvents the Form of Water"

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