Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Middleton Place" Series by Lulie Wallace

Middleton Place #1

Middleton Place #2

Middleton Place #3

Middleton Place #4 (Sold)

  After graduating from the College of Charleston, in South Carolina, Lulie Wallace opened her studio and began painting works of art that have been become sought after all over the country.  I first learned of Lulie online, but it wasn't until I attended The Southern C Summit on Jekyll Island I was able to actually meet the artist.   If you want to learn more about her, Holly Phillips of The English Room posted an interview with Lulie here.  I guess it is fair to say, I had fallen in love with Lulie's art before I actually met her in person.  After meeting her, I discovered why I loved her art so much.  Her work is whimsical and painted in bright, happy colors, which are reflective of the artist's own personality.  I knew that one day I would own one of her paintings.  I had thought I would want one of her flower paintings.  But, no, it's not a bunch of flowers, that I am lusting after!  It is one of four paintings in a series she recently painted of "Middleton Place" outside of Charleston.  I love Lulie's work and have an special place in my heart for Middleton Place, so it's a "double happiness" kind of feeling rolled up into one piece for me.  (Anyone interested in knowing what I want for Christmas,this is it!!!)  Wanna know why Middleton Place is so special to me? Keep reading and you'll find out.

Middleton Place in Charleston, SC is a beautiful plantation that was built in the late 1740's.  The entire property is filled with manicured plantings of flowers and trees as well as swans, peacocks and other animals.  My family lineage on the paternal side of the family links back to this family.  I wrote about it here as a tribute to my great niece's birth who was given the family name of Middleton as her middle name.   If you want to know what it is like to experience the plantation for a visit please read Amy Vermillion's account here.  Amy did a beautiful job recanting her visit with Beans(her daughter) to Middleton Place.  It's truly a lovely place to visit if you are in the Charleston area.  Did you know that Middleton Place is America's oldest landscaped Botanical gardens?  It was also the first place that camillias were grown in the United States.  The plantings were a gift from French Botantist Andre' Michaux who was a friend of Henry Middleton. The gardens are quite remarkable, read more about them here.  The Middleton Place website has a outline of what is blooming in the gardens each month you can view here. If you make your way to Charleston, I suggest taking time for a visit  to Middleton Gardens and to Lulie's studio, in Redux

I hope I get one of these paintings before they get sold!

Catch up with Lulie below:

Here's hoping you are having a restful Sunday afternoon!
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  1. I love everything Lulie does. My night garden landscape came this week. It is FAB!

  2. Lisa, these are wonderful and I love the history you shared with us!
    There is a bit of Gauguin style here in Lulie's art.
    Plus I so thrilled you are a designer who appreciates fine art!

    Art by Karena

    1. Karen, you are right! There is a bit of Gauguin in Lulie's work. Thank you for your sweet comment and for your support!

  3. Lisa..these are gorgeous and she is very talented!

  4. oh i REALLY like this one! a little different from the others i've seen her do. i like them all though!!! btw - thanks for your kind words of encouragement the other day Lisa - I really really appreciate that :)


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