Saturday, August 24, 2013

Great Boots for Travel!

Photo Courtesy of Marcel Van Driel

I can't help it!!!!  All I can think about right now is my upcoming travel to Maison Objet Paris and then onto London for The London Design Festival with Modenus Blogtour London.  I met up with Holly Hollingsworth Phillips the other day and we were discussing our "wardrobe wants" for our trips.  I'm trying to add pieces to basics I already have. It looks like she and I have similar ideas about what to pack!  Needless to say, I think it is going to be a leather/pleather, comfy boots and multiple scarves, type of trip.  I have read online about what to pack for a european trip.  Most articles say no workout clothes, tennis shoes, or bright colors on the street.  Supposedly, if you wear bright colors it's the same as wearing a neon sign that announces "I'm an American".   I love bright colors, but I'm toning down my wardrobe because it will help me recycle my clothing while traveling, hence less pieces to pack.  We are going to be doing a ton of walking so other than my ballet flats, smoking slippers, I'm thinking boots are a must!

Here are some shoe options that would be great for travel!

// Toms / / Fashionunion / / Loeffler Randall//Tory Burch//
//Alexander Wang//Mulberry//Tory Burch//Zara//Tory Burch//
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  1. Lisa...your going to have a fabulous time...those tan boots are great! Have fun planning your trip...wish I was going with you!

  2. Lisa...that was me above...I forgot to sign in to Google account!

    1. Oh! haha! no worries! Thanks for popping by. I forget to sign in sometimes too! LOL!! Happy Sunday!


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