Thursday, August 29, 2013

Du Verre Hardware, Art for Your Kitchen and Bath

European Tour

In Design "Polar Hardware"

Scot Laughton "Series 3"

 I leave for Paris and London, next Thursday and I am getting so excited!  It will be interesting to experience Maison Objet in Paris then travel onto  London for Design Week.  My brain will be like a sponge soaking up new trends, products and information.  Once I return, I plan to  share everything here on the blog.  I'm sure I will take lots of pictures too.
A trip like Blogtour London doesn't happen without tons of planning and preparation.  Veronika Miller, founder of Modenus and Leanne Wood Newman  of Flying Camel have been working diligently to get our itinerary finalized.  If you would like to know more about London Design Week click hereWe are fortunate to have some fantastic sponsors for our trip.  

One of the sponsors for our trip is Du Verre Hardware.  Not only is this hardware beautiful crafted, but it's also environmentally friendly as well, since each piece is engineered entirely from recycled aluminum.  I like to  think of cabinet hardware as the jewelry in a kitchen or bath.  Choosing unique hardware is a way to give your cabinets distinction.

For the past three decades, Du Verre has worked closely with top designers such as Clodagh, Christopher Smith and several other well known designers to create unique and beautiful hardware.  Gina Lubin and Gavin McLean, owners and creative directors of Du Verre have guided the company since inception.  Both bring experience in furniture and retail design, as well as architectural glass.  Take a tour of the website and see the beauty of this hardware for yourself.    

Below are a few of my favorites from the line:

Clodagh "Stacked"

"Rio" by Gina Lubin

"Forged" Heinz Pfleger
"Kuba" by Clodagh

"Series 3" by Scot Laughton

This hardware isn't just beautiful, it's also functional.  If you appreciate the look and feel of sculptural hardware, please take a few minutes and peruse the website.  Replacing  builder grade hardware with something more interesting like Du Verre will interject personality in a home. 
This hardware shouldn't be limited to kitchen and bath design.  Changing hardware on furniture can take a plain jane piece to "instant wow" in a matter of minutes.

To find a retailer near you visit their website and click on Information and "Where to Buy" and a list of suppliers will appear.

To continue the conversation connect with Du Verre here:
Facebook: Du Verre Hardware
twitter: @duverrehardware

BlogTour London Sponsors

(All photos courtesty of Du Verre Hardware)

(Du Verre is a sponsor for Blogtour London 2013, but opinions
 in this post are my own and were published freely.) 
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  1. Lisa these are works of art. I somehow love the simplicity of the Series 3 by Scot Laughton!

    Feature: “Love Where You Live”

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