Monday, July 1, 2013

Katherine Rally Textiles - Centuries Old Craft with a Modern Vibe

The story behind Katherine Rally Textiles is one of inspiration and love. 
Rally an architect from Nashville and Katherine an interior designer from Arizona met in 2002.  After meeting, the smitten pair, decided to travel through southeast Asia to test their compatibility.  The trip proved the relationship successful and Rally decided to propose to Katherine.  Unlike most brides, Katherine chose to forego the traditional diamond engagement ring and opted instead for six weeks in India traveling and experiencing the local culture.  The couple have always been open to adventure so when the economy tanked in the States, they packed their bags and relocated to island paradise of Bali with their two kids.  In Bali, the couple drew upon their design backgrounds to launch a new fabric line and Katherine Rally Textiles was born! The collection offers beautifully handmade fabrics created by using the centuries old craft of batiking.  The fabrics are available in many colorful and interesting patterns.  Currently, dividing their time between Bali,Indonesia and Aspen, Colorado, the couple continues to bring us new designs when inspiration strikes.  The influence of their travels is apparent in the designs of their fabrics.  Yesterday, I was excited to receive a message from Rally saying they had recently returned from Indonesia and have added new designs to the line!  
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Check out the new additions to the line below: 
Damascus, Alexandra, Layla and Love Cats patterns .    

Interested in how one develops an exciting fabric line like this one?
Well, I'll tell you up front it takes love of adventure,blind faith and guts!  

First, the couple traveled the markets looking for inspiration.  Here is Katherine in Indonesia shopping for designs ideas.

Rally then takes the design ideas and crafts hand drawn designs.
Here he is working on a pattern. 

A craftsman then creates a metal stamp from Rally's drawings then molten wax is hand applied to the raw fabric.  Voila! a new fabric is born.

I am crazy about the new patterns in the line :





Love Cats

More of the beautiful designs in the line...

I love these custom pieces covered in Katherine Rally Fabrics:
(Furniture pictures courtesy of Chairloom)
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  1. Lisa thank you so much for featuring this artful couple. Their designs are wonderful, They truly honor the age old style of Batik.

    I hope you visit to read my latest interview!

    2013 Designer Series

    1. Popping over now!!! Thanks for commenting Karen!

  2. Hi, Lisa - Once again, thanks for introducing us to yet another fabulous textiles firm. What an incredible and talented team. Love their updated ethnic inspired textiles: fresh, stylish, and graphic chic!!
    x Loi

    1. Thank you Loi! So happy you love their fabrics as much as I do! Happy Monday! Hopefully it isn't raining in Washington!

  3. Great color and pattern. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Patty! Hope you are having a great start to the week!

  4. Love her fabrics. I have never seen love cats. I NEED that one.

    I am ready to fly off to an exotic land to start my line:)

    Great Post.


    1. Yes, let's do it together! I think we need to take a couple of months and go to Bali, don't you?

  5. Okay, I am completely TOTALLY in LOVE with these fabrics...I mean IN LOVE...they are exactly what I love, simple yet so substantial and thoughful and I am with Holly on the Cats...MUST HAVE!!!!

    1. I love them too Lesli! They are exactly the type of fabric that I adore as well!!!

  6. What a fascinating story and gorgeous prints! Thanks for writing about them. I can't decide which fabric I want most! Love them all!


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