Monday, July 22, 2013

Custom Shower Experience with Brizo

  Did you know there is actually has a shower specialist who studies the art of showering? Well, may be not every company has one but Brizo does. It's an example of how far Brizo goes to insure you get the best possible quality and design when you purchase Brizo products. This past week, I had the privledge of hearing the Brizo shower specialist speak, while in Memphis for the Brizo blogger19 reunion.  It was really quite amusing to learn that there is no clear cut way people shower.  The specialist didn't elaborate on the tedious details, but said methods of showering does vary from person to person.  Some people start at the top and wash moving down their bodies, while other do the reverse.  There are people who brush their teeth while showering. I personally find that gross, but each to his own. So why does Brizo hire someone to study the way people shower?  It's to determine how they can help you create  a customized spa-like experience in your home.  Do you have a Brizo shower system?  If not, getting a Brizo shower system  is the first step in having the ultimate "at home" shower experience.   
Brizo Sensori TM Shower System offers fashion-forward design and the ultimate in user experience and it co-ordinates with all Brizo bath collections.   Don't we all crave a truly indulgent shower experience to renew our bodies and senses?  I know I do!

Here are Six reasons to consider Brizo shower systems for an ultimate custom shower experience.

  • WaterSense® - Special certification given to faucets that meet the water efficiency specifications set forth by the E.P.A., with a flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute.
  • H2Okinetic® Technology - Controlling the shape, velocity and thermal dynamics of water to create a warmer, more luxurious spray that gives the feeling of a high-flow body spray with half the water.
  • Sensori® Thermostatic Valving - Works like a thermostat in high-flow showers to measure and monitor the temperature of the water and automatically adjust the water mix to maintain a more precise water temperature.
  • TempAssure® Thermostatic Valving - Works like a thermostat in medium-flow showers to measure and monitor the temperature of the water and automatically adjust the water mix to maintain a more precise water temperature.
  • Brilliance® Finishes - Extraordinary finishes that hold up beautifully to everyday use. No tarnishing, no discoloring and no worries.
  • No-Lead Compliant - Faucets designated as being "no-lead compliant" are those that are compliant with state and federal drinking water legislation.

    Click here to see Brizo H2O Kinetic Technology in action.

    For more reasons to consider Brizo for the ultimate shower
     experience continue reading here.  If you want luxury
     and a custom shower experience, you want Brizo.

    My trip to Memphis was sponsored by Brizo,
     but all opinions in this post are my own.  

    All photos courtesy of Brizo
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    1. I could use a Brizo shower right about now! ;-)

    2. This really makes me want to get some new custom showers in my home.

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