Friday, November 2, 2012

Visit to American Leather Showroom/High Point 2012

American Leather was founded on the idea that custom leather furniture could be created in three weeks or less.  We were greeted at the door of the showroom, by Founder/CEO Bob Duncan, who started the company in 1990 with the same "just in time" principles used in the Japanese car industry.  He felt if it could be applied to cars surely it could work with furniture.  His hunch was right.  The company has grown with over 130 collections sold in over 650 stores such as Crate and Barrel, Design Within Reach and Room and Board to name a few.  The Showroom was beautiful.  Here are some of the things we saw.

In the foyer of the showroom we were greeted with a sofa full of pillows. 
What clever way to show every available fabric in the line.

We were fascinated by this display of the history of furniture particularly the sleeper bed.  I am showing my age here but I clearly remember seeing furniture like this.  I think this fabric is called herculon?  Can you say "We've come a long way baby"?

After viewing the fun walk down memory lane, we were off to see some of the
 beautiful current pieces in this extensive line. Leather colors were not limited
 to the typical neutral tones, there were many options for color such as this
 beautiful turquoise colored leather chair.

There were beautifully designed pieces like these chairs which
 we thought were elegant and comfortable.

I had to share this sectional.  Have you ever?  If you have a ski lodge, beach house or anywhere you need to house a large group of people here is the answer to your need!
This sectional offer a queen bed and two twins with a
 small space perfect for one more guest! 

Their accents were well made and lovely as well.  Here is
a leather bench/ottoman which can serve as a dual purpose as a coffee table.  
This color was dynamite.

The name might be American Leather but leather isn't all they make.  Here are a couple of great chairs that were as comfortable as they were charming.  The smaller scale is nice for apartments, condos, bedrooms or anywhere space is an issue. 

We all fell in love with this beauty!  Sleek,sexy and a swivel!

This sofa was introduced at the April market but we were told it was just beginning to be shipped during market week.  The color, tufting and comfort of this sofa was unbelievable. This was the perfect masculine/feminine vignette.  The handsome, masculine sofa coupled with the pink retro chair were an interesting combination

I had to show you these cute little stools.  They provided just the right "twist" to this seating area (wink! wink!)

I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of the American Leather
showroom.  If you would like to see more of what they offer please click over and visit their website here.

( I would like to thank American Leather for providing us with a beautiful lunch that day.  Also, thank you to the beautiful young woman who showed us the line.  I plan to come back! )

Thank You also to Leslie Carothers for suggesting we visit this showroom!  It was a home run!
(I was not compensated for writing this post)

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  1. A Winner! Love those stools! Great displays and that pink chair....OOOOOHHHHHH

    1. I love that pink chair too! Those stools are just too cute aren't they?

  2. Oh the Herculon Early American Pine furniture brings back memories (yuk!) Unfortunately, I still see it in homes occasionally. I covet that leather ottoman!

    1. I know Linda, terrible isn't it? I love that ottoman too!!!! Have a good weekend!

  3. Stools, pink chair and ottoman, and (on and on) - love. Herculon? Oh my that sure rings a bell in my timeline - lol


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