Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Candice Olson for Highland House

I know High Point Market was weeks ago, but I found so great lines, I can't resist continuing to share all the lusciousness with you.  I don't want to post everyday about my new finds because I have so much more I want to share so If you are interested in seeing the rest of my market finds along with some other fab finds, check in each Wednesday for my Weekly Lineup of Market Finds!

Today is the first of the series!
Not only did I have the opportunity to hear Candice talk
 about the line but also went to the cocktail party
 Highland House held in her honor.  She is as witty as she is talented.  
Here are some highlights from her collaboration with Highland House
 which is a subsidiary of Century Furniture.

My love affair with this line began when I spied this 
sassy little number - "The Envy Settee"

It was one of my "Style Spotter" Picks
The perfect size for so many places and sizzle galore!
It made me take note and check out the rest of the line!

Modern meets traditional with just enough sizzle to
add pizazz.  This chest is a perfect example of the great look offered
 by this collection. Clean, sleek lines with marrakesh detailing on the front for interest.

 For the detail lovers in all of us...
This little guy delivers big time in that department!
Not only is the pillow quilted look amazing, but it is
offered in a finish that Candice has coined "Glint"
which is "kinda" silver and "kinda" gold mixed.  She said it was
 going to be called "Glint" or "Gliver" and somehow "Glint" sounded better! 
It has warm undertones so mixes well with gold or silver.

The fabric choices were also pretty fab!
Very fashion forward but not too over the top.
This settee in creme, grey and yellow 
was pretty spectacular. 

 This handsome desk is another example of smaller
 pieces that can work well in a multitude of floor plans.
The combo of the stain wood with black accents made this
little desk a statement piece.    

  No dull straight back chairs for Candice.  Interestingly designed for
 a little eye candy in an unexpected place.


Can you say...favorite!  This sideboard is dynamite!
The hardware was designed to mimic the quilted Chanel purses!  
Just the right touch for a timeless, but very current look.

 This coffee table and ottoman combine to offer the best of both worlds in a neat little package. There is also under the table magazine and book storage to boot!

Sorry for the picture of this sofa.  It was smaller in size and featured a wrap around book case unit which you can't really see here but what a great design! Again, thinking about people with space issues, this is perfect!  This piece is handsome enough for young urban dwellers yet
 functional for a family room. 

Back view of the wraparound
 book cases, which also serves as side
 tables and sofa table.

 Another glimpse at the "Glint" finish shown on this perfectly sized round table.  Like wood, but want a little bling?  This table combines both requirements for the perfect equation.    

The banquette and side chairs add the perfect seating arrangement to make this table a favorite dining spot for sure! 

The collections isn't online yet but I am sure it will be soon.
Make sure to ask your designer to show you the line. With over 80 pieces of upholstery and case goods, I was only able to show you a few of the top pieces here.  As Candice says,
"Every room needs a little sizzle" and she sure provided it with this sexy yet classic line!

 I sat down with Candice to have my pic taken, because when someone like me who is only 5'4"(& in flat boots) stands beside someone like Candice who is probably 6' + heels
 = not a flattering picture!

  Check back next week for more glimpses of great lines!

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  1. Lisa, I voted! Love your picture with Candice.
    Got through yesterday with both TV and internet. Right now we have Direct TV and Comcast. MC has not cancelled Comcast until AT&T is up and running. Paying through the nose until AT&T can get us hooked up. This was the only way we would continue to have an internet server. Nuts!

    1. Thanks Patty, you would love her! She is so funny! Glad you have internet!

  2. Gorgeous finds Lisa! I would love to meet up with you in High Point sometime. What a treat to actually meet Candice.

    1. Thanks Rene` I would love to meet you in High Point. Perhaps in April?

  3. I wish I could have seen the line. My LR sofa is from the Norwalk Candice line and I am having another made for me b/c of the limbo of them switching the lines from one company to the other. Cannot wait to see it all in the Dallas showroom once they are up and running with the new stuff.


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