Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Biggest Giveaway Ever!!!, Trends & Opinions & Help!!!

My Biggest Giveaway Ever!!!
But first.....

Trend Predictions for Home Decor!!!  
What do you think will be big in 2013?

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If you read my blog on a regular basis, probably helped me become a "Style Spotter" for the High Point Market which begins on Sat. Oct 13 & runs til 18th!!!

If you helped me win, thank you so much!  I am so excited!! Can't wait to share the new great things I find with you!!!

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I am so excited to see all the new introductions at market!  I want you to join me on my search!  Also, if you have any suggestions of trends or lines I should check out, please comment!!!  I want to hear from you!!!

Here are the predictions based on the style gurus! 

Blue is going to big, especially lt. blue & navy
 which we are already seeing.
Red is making a splash in accent colors
-Pale yellow will also be a player
-Plums & Purples still around
-Olive is good again

My Personal Artist

-1940's Feminine & Curvy
-Sleek, Contemporary
-Tribal & Bohemian/Marrakesh
-American Vintage
-French Modern
-Graphic & Modern

Amber Interiors


-Animal Prints
- Stripes
-Polka Dots
- insect prints
-foxes, dogs & horses

Dash and Albert Catamaran Stripe Rug

So What do you Think?  Any trends you are seeing
that I missed?  


Did some one say Giveaway???

Yes There Is!!!

I can't ask you to follow me at market
 and also ask you to "re-pin" and "like" my trends
 unless I am willing to make it worth your while, right?
I mean you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours!  
It's only fair!

What would make you happy???

What would a good , no

 I mean Great Giveaway!!!! Be?

Everyday of market Oct 13-18th, I will be
drawing a name to win a gift!!

***That's 5 Days of Giveaways!!!***

I will announce the Giveaways
 Starting Tomorrow!!!

  In the meanwhile, I am gathering some really 
GREAT items you are going to LOVE!!!
 Check back tomorrow to see what I find!!!!

In the meantime, here's what you need to do NOW
 to get ready to enter:

Here's How to Enter:

1) You must have a Pinterest Account!

2) "Re-pin" My Market Pins from my High Point
 Style Spotter Board Here!
(you must be signed up to "follow me" on
The" High Point Style Spotter board" for me,
 NOT MY PERSONAL Pinterest wall.
3) Come back to my blog and comment on
 how many of my market trends,
 you re-pinned!  Your name will be 
entered for each item you re-pin!

4) I will draw a winner each day!

5) On October 18th, I will put all the names back
in the pot and a grand prize winner will be chosen!!

6) Winners will be announced on Friday, Oct 20th!!!

7) Additional entries can be made by
 twitting(twitter) this blog post, sharing on
 your Facebook page or on your blog.   
Simply comment on my blog each time you
 share for an additional entry!!!

I promise it's going to be big!!!!!

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  1. Lisa, I repined your picture! No items on the board yet....but I wanted to enter today so I pined you!!! :)
    I love the idea of blues with yellow. But really not that new.
    Styles, not so crazy about what will be coming down the road..."Industrial" isn't going to work in the Bucket List House...I'll find something, not sure waht? What's French Modern?
    Animal prints....I can dig out my old throw pillows with the elephants. But I do have the two COWHIDE rugs. Does that count????
    Looking forward to checking back tomorrow.

  2. I follow your blog, twitter, and FB and am so very excited about this giveaway! I used to live in Greensboro and have visited the market from time to time. I'm jealous! You're going to have so much fun!!! I can't wait to follow your Style Spotter Board on Pinterest (which I already have done) and will be checking often and repinning the items. You won't steer us wrong!

    1. Thanks Melanie!!! I appreciate your comments and the publicity!!!!

  3. I just tweeted about the giveaway
    Check out this site: …

  4. Hi Lisa!
    So happy your enjoying your time at Highpoint! I am excited too to see what you'll be sharing with us! I love this pin of - Chelsea House 200 N. Hamilton St Fabulous Tracery Mirror designed by Lisa Kahn-Allen! its got a repin and liked!

    Talk to you soon!

  5. More repins, tweets and likes! 1.Genevieve Gourder for Capel Rugs"The Greek"rug style # 3632, 2.Hickory Chair 330 N. Hamilton St 1st Fl Alexa Hampton "Alice" Desk 3.Hancock & Moore The "Serpentine chair"

    Keep them coming Lisa I'm loving it!


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