Sunday, October 7, 2012

High Point Market!!!

Market is Almost Here!  Are You Going?  I would love to meet up!

Only 5 more days and I will be In High Point for The International High Point Furniture Market!  This will mark my 18th year of attending the market!  I remember the first time I went to market as a design student with my freshman studio class.  I was so over whelmed by the number of buildings and showrooms.   Each year when I would return I would try to figure out a way to tackle the entire market.  No matter how many days I attended, I realized there was absolutely no way to see the entire market during market week.  You really have to pick and choose where and who you will visit while you are at market.  

So What Do You Think The Trends Will Be?  

I would love to hear from you on this!!!

This year is really different for me!  As winner of the 9th Style Spotter Contest sponsored by  Olioboard and The High Point Market,  I have a little more responsibility than just visiting showrooms and sourcing items for projects!  This year I have to spot trends and upload pics to Pinterest for the "Market Style Spotter" Contest.   I am really excited about seeing the new introductions and spotting the upcoming trends.  If you want to follow along to see the trends as I post them, you must have a Pinterest account.  If you would like an invitation, please email me at and I will invite you!  If you already have a Pinterest account like 21 million other people, just go to The High Point Market Style Spotter Pinterest Page and click on my picture to follow me or just click here.  I am so excited to be on Style Spottter panel at this year's market!  I will be pinning some of my favorite items while I am there.   I would really appreciate your support!  Feel free to pin away as many times as you would like and invite your family and friends to do the same!!!  Here is how it works:


  Please pin away!!!!

Here are the Style Spotters for the October market!  As You can see, I am among a very accomplished group of people!  I feel very honored and humbled to be included!  Traci Zeller and Stacy Naquin are already friends of mine but I look forward to meeting the others!

Your Support will be greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. I'm sitting here all ready to PIN AND LIKE!
    Let's get this going.
    Market is fun! My SIL is the Civil Engineer Traffic "Chief" for the city of High Point. This is his event twice a year! He has it down. Runs like silk! Has been in charge for about 5 years. I went with my daughter, (we were able to get passes) about three times, the last, about 4 years ago.
    When we lived in Norfolk, I did form my own company called Norfolk Interiors......this is the first time I have shared this little bit of bio! All I did was "Consult" with friends and family!!! I never made a dime! Never charged anyone! Can't make any money unless you ask for it!! Oh well, I just didn't feel like I had what it took to take real money for helping someone pick out a lamp or move their furniture! I couldn't access the large companies, didn't have any buying power! All .... years ago and another lifetime!
    Have fun at Market, Lisa......
    I'm ready!

  2. Good Luck Lisa, can't wait to check out your trend alerts!! xo

  3. Good Luck Lisa, may the force be with you!!! :) I would not THINK of guessing the trends- looking forward to seeing what trends you spot- xxc

  4. Good luck Lisa!! You will do great! Look forward to officially meeting you at the Olioboard event. Christy has said wonderful things about you!

  5. What fun Lisa. I can't wait for you to journal your trip. I think a huge trend coming is leather and white/natural elements together; kind of woodsy mixed with modern. Ive been noticing this a lot, since I love it. Have a great time and best of luck.
    xo Nancy

  6. Good Luck Lisa! Counting on you to find something really cool for my new house! ;) Have a great time!


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