Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Something We All Need - A Reading Corner!

Do You have a corner like this in your home for respite?  If you don't why not?
Everyone needs a place to sit, relax, mediate, read or just be alone.  What are
 the elements that would create a perfect corner for you?   Let's talk about what you  need to consider to create a place like this for yourself.    Here is list of things you need to consider to create this corner for yourself.  

These are the basic items you must have:

1.  Pick a place in your home which makes you feel good.
2. Comfy piece of furniture.  It can be a cozy club chair,
a chaise or even pillows on the floor.  
3.  Ottoman if you pick a chair to prop your feet up.
4.  Lighting - Floor lamp or table lamp preferably both. 
5.  Natural light
6. Window treatment to control natural light
7. Side table to hold a drink, notepad and a pen
8. Bookcase, basket or somewhere to store books
9. Soft throw in case you get cold.

What are some items that could be added to 
make your special place unique?

1. Why not make your ottoman a storage ottoman so you can
hide anything you want to have in your corner conveniently hidden. 
2. Personalized notepad to make you feel good when taking notes
or planning your day.
3. A pad of pretty sticky notes to earmark pages
 you want to refer back to in your reading material.
4. A good daily devotional book
5. A journal to record your thoughts - may be a gratitude journal.
6. Box of notecards for note writing.
7. Pretty container for holding pens and pencils on your side table
8. Special candle for the season
9. Things to nurture you like, hand lotion or cozy socks.
10. May be you want a vase for a flower.
11. Brainstorm things that are unique to you for your special space.
12. If you don't want a storage ottoman, you will need
 a pretty storage box by your chair. 

The most important thing is to create a space in your home to make time for yourself.  Could it be your favorite place to relax and read is in your bedroom, 
we will talk about that next!  


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  1. Lisa,
    This is a perfect "setting". What a peaceful picture you painted!
    You are good, oh yes, you are good!

  2. Oh lucky me...I have what you describe so beautifully...except my ottoman doesn't have corner is a great place to read your pretty blog.

    1. Good girl! that's why you are so serene and happy!

  3. Lisa, a reading corner would be wonderful. You described it perfectly!

    1. Hey Julie, I'm in Little Rock with Tobi in MBA camp wish you were here!

  4. Totally agree Lisa, definitely need a place to read and get cozy in!! Love your ideas to make it more personal as well!!

  5. I would add to my special space, a beautifully framed picture of my girls. Thanks for inspiring.

  6. That is a very handsome and stylish room! Neutral but not boring. Great ideas....thanks for sharing!! :)


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