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Lori Dennis is in The House & Final Day 5 Giveaway Announced!

Lori Dennis

When I was in High Point last week for market, I had the pleasure of meeting Lori Dennis (who was also a "High Point Style Spotter" ) and Kelli Ellis,her design partner. The two L.A. Celebrity designers are not only successful HGTV stars, best selling authors, sought after speakers, but most recently have started Design Camp in four major cities across the United States!  

  These fab women have too many accolades to mention here, please click over to read more about these successful design icons and their list of accomplishments.

Kelli Ellis

One of the aspects of attending High Point Market, that I truly enjoy, is the lecture series offered at each market for attendees.  I must say, I think this market's offering were the best yet.  This market seemed to have so many great events I had trouble choosing what to hear. It was a juggling act for sure.  After realizing I was going to be really late for the event I had planned to attend on Sunday, I decided rather than miss both events, I would pop into the High Point theater to hear Lori and Kelli speak along with my friend, designer/celebrity Shay Geyer and designer/author/celebrity, Nathan Turner in a panel discussion called "Lights, Camera, Action". I'm so happy I was able to hear them.  It was a very informative  discussion about how the four designers became media superstars and how designers today can become part of this emerging trend.  Each designer told their story which was interesting in itself.  It was obvious how comfortable and relaxed they were in front of an audience.   

Nathan Turner, Lori Dennis, Kelli Ellis and Shay Geyer

Nathan Turner, Lori Dennis, Kelli Ellis and Shay Geyer 

Afterwards we went on stage and Nathan signed copies of his fab new book, Nathan Turner's American Style"!  I had to ask
him about his "southern inspired" quotes he used on stage to
which he laughed and said "my dad was from Tennessee". I knew he had some southern roots in there somewhere.  

Rebecca Reynolds, Nathan Turner, Tam Stone and me

Kelli Ellis joined in on the southern conversation and added a few favorite quotes of her own.

Rebecca Reynolds, Me, Leslie Carothers, Kelli Ellis, Tam Stone and Sheilah MacSporran

All in all, it was a fun day,
 but the most fun is yet to happen!

Lori Dennis invited me to Design Camp and gave me
a Ticket to GiveAway to one of my blog readers!!!

 How would You Like To Attend Design Camp
Atlanta, Ga Jan. 30 - Feb. 1

Yes! That's right, FREE TICKET 
TO  Design Camp for one lucky reader!
(The winner pays for lodging & travel expenses)

If you win, you get to go to camp with me! 
I am super excited!

Click Here for the action packed Camp agenda which includes
 one day of design and one day of business!

What you get:

  • Two Full Days of Design Tips, Tricks and Success Strategies
  • Hear, first hand, the Industries Top Experts sharing their Stories and Secrets
  • Mingle with Tastemakers and Experts
  • Network and Collaborate with Designers and Design Lovers
  • Meet and Greet the Industries Top Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Gain Knowledge, Renewed Enthusiasm, and Friendships

 The Camp Counselors are all rockstars in the industry! People like renowned designers Suzanna Salk & Shay Geyer, PR Guru Leslie Carothers, Editor of "All The Best Blog" Ronda Carmen and many more!! To read about the entire list of counselors click here!

If you read my blog on a regular basis you know that I am an advocate of design camps.  The practical experience you gain from seasoned professionals in the industry isn't something you get in traditional design school. I highly recommend attending all the camps you can, to get the best overall experience!  If a well known designer is willing to share their tips, I am going to be there!  I have attended one camp which was beyond fabulous and can't wait til January to go to Atlanta, Ga for Design Camp!

 Here's How to Enter! 

once there, scroll to the bottom of the post
 to see all five prizes in the Giveaway!!!

  Want access to "My Style Spotter Board" directly you can click here! While there please check out Lori's boards  & show her some love too, since she is sponsoring this fab giveaway! 

If you want to see all the "Style Spotter" Picks 
for Oct High Point Market click here!  There is quite a bit
 of eye candy to tell the truth!

Check out the Design Camp Website and 
see all the fun things that are going on at camp!

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  1. Now that is a fabulous prize! Me, me! :-)

  2. All the prizes are great....5 lucky winners....

  3. I'm going to be pinning and tweeting like crazy.... Pick me pick me!!!! Xoxo

    1. You are so funny!!!! Cant wait to see who wins! Wasn't Lori nice to give me a ticket to giveaway!!!

  4. A free camp giveaway? That is fantastic. I went to their site and really love the concept. I would love to go to that camp. Im so thrilled for you that you got a ticket...that is so awesome. I love all the good things going your way LIsa; you deserve it!
    xo Nancy

  5. I want to go!!! Pick me, pick me!! I've never been to one before and it looks like an amazing experience. Wish I could've attended the high point event too!! Didn't have time. Lets get together soon!! Love you Lisa!

    1. You are too sweet!!! May be you will be the lucky one!!!

  6. DESIGN CAMP!!! OMG It is the camp I dreamed of all my life...sitting on my bed with my books and magazines..."wouldn't it be great if there was such a thing as a camp....where designers met...." ahhhhhhhh

    Nathan Turner is one of the most down to earth people, much less designers I have ever encountered. I adore his daisy and Nacho doggies.

    Wish I could be in your pocket!!!

    1. I know right? Camp for women!! I love it! Good luck! We will soon know how gets chosen!!!

  7. Hi, Lisa, thanks for stopping by. You should definitely plan to come to Haven next year. We're about to announce our new dates soon, so stay tuned. It's in Atlanta. I have always wanted to go to High Point for the market & maybe one day I'll get up there. Sounds like a great time too.

    1. Thanks Rhoda! Will be watching for it!! You do need to come to High Point!

  8. Replies
    1. Will be drawing in a few minutes! Finally got all the names in the cauldron!!!!

  9. oh my goodness, I hope I got my name in there in time! I was literally at a stop sign when I read about the fifth and final give away! My heart jumped out of my chest with this opportunity! Would LOVE this chance (and my sister is right in ATL!) Course, I'm also fighting hurricane Sandy up here in CT right now! Still managed to comment and then get along my way to the market for the next to last pint of milk...hahah


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