Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lesson #2 - Making a House a Home!

Yesterday, we talked about using art created by children to add a sentimental touch to your home.  Today I am sharing with you other options for your walls that will add a unique element to your home.

Art by Carter Kustera, Interior Design by Lilly Bunn
Photography by Emily Gilbert

America's favorite portrait artist, Carter Kustera of Brooklyn, NY, takes the art of silhouette making and creates something current and fresh, for every member of the family!  Kustera who worked in store branding for Jonathan Adler and Barney's has a well respected resume.   Each custom piece is signed by Carter.  He Benjamin Moore paints as a preference for colors. 
Credit: Carter Kustera
If you would prefer silhouettes in another form, you can have a silhouette put on all kinds of things at Simply Silhouettes.    My favorite items at Simply Silhouettes  are fun pillows  for $80 each.   Choose your background and send an image and they reproduce a custom digitally created silhouette pillow just for you!  How fun is this for a child's room or a playroom?  What grandparent
 or pet owner wouldn't love these?

Simply Silhouettes

Here is a room using silhouette pillows
Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design

 Another option for personalized art using your photographs

Modern Bird Studios creates personalized modern art from your own photographs.   Each piece is an original piece of studio art created with a combination of digital, hand and painting processes. 
Modern Bird Studios

Available on 100% canvas or acrylic mounted to oak,
 they offer a variety of sizes.
Modern Bird Studios

Gregg Deal, creative director of Modern Bird Studios, personally signs each piece on the back.  Check out all the sizes and options here!
Modern Bird Studios

If you have all the portraits you need or aren't into portrait art or silhouettes, you could add a personal touch to your home by choosing your favorite number and having a print made of it at evajuliet .  It could be a birth date,
anniversary date or the number of people in your family.  The etsy store evajuliet
will create this custom piece for you on archival paper for only $28. unframed.
You tell them the significance of the number and they will
 include that in script below the number.

Credit: evajuliet on etsy

Or if you would like to include all your special dates in one print
The Memory Gallery on Etsy will custom make this style print for you unframed for $24.  Just send them the dates you want to include!

The Memory Gallery

Another personalized fun idea for art for your home is this
Subway Art Sign, created using information unique to you!

Geezees Custom Canvas $160

Here's a creative idea from California Callahans Blog for making fingerprint art.
Via California Callahans
Well, hopefully you find something interesting to add to your home.  All of these ideas can be purchased by clicking the links.  If you are into DIY, there are tutorials for almost all these items online.  Search on Pinterest by simply typing in whatever you are looking for in the search bar!

Have Fun Creating a Haven in Your Home!  

Tomorrow, other ways to personalize your home for your family!

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  1. Some really fantastic design ideas here Lisa. The fingerprint art looks brilliant, I'm going to have a go at making my own, would look lovely over my new gas fire. The silhouette pillows are also really great.

  2. Great ideas here, Lisa. I love silhouettes!
    I have added your blog to my blogroll so I wont miss a thing.
    Happy Thursday.

    1. Thanks Teresa! I added you as well. Thought you were already there! Have a good weekend!

  3. I have been contemplating silhouettes for the past few weeks - something I could do myself but now I look at the Modern Bird Studios art and I love those. Thanks for sharing these, Lisa!

  4. Lisa, these are great ideas! Love the silhouettes! This is a great Series!

    1. Thanks Patty! Hope you and MC are enjoying this Friday!

  5. omg, I love love love carter kustera. I tried to recreate his silhouettes in my master bedroom to save myself $750 a pop! ha. I'm headed over to your pinterest board so I can be the first to know what you're seeing at highpoint!

    also, i'm having my first ever give away at vivid hue (and I *don't* think i've posted it on your blog are deets and I'd love if you'd share it with your readers and pop on over yourself!

    1. Hey Heather, just reading my comments and forgot to add your giveaway this morning! I will go back and add your giveaway on the bottom of my post for today! Yay! I think silhouettes are harder to create than they look.

  6. Love the silhouettes with the dog included with family, adds a fun whimsical touch! Great ideas!

    1. From one dog lover to another I love the dog added too!

  7. What an amazing round-up! I am definitely going to make myself some fingerprint art for sure!!
    Joanne @ Homestyling101

    1. Thanks Joanne! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for commenting!

  8. Love all your options for personalizing a unique and creative Lisa.


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