Friday, September 28, 2012

#3 Making a House a Home Series...Oversized Art

Do you have a photo gallery in your home displaying favorite family photos?
While we all love a well designed photo gallery, I ask you to consider some less conventional options for displaying family photos.  Regular sized photography can get lost on a wall unless it is grouped with multiples,  but when super sized it suddenly becomes  star quality art and can stand alone or with a few pieces.   
Here are some examples to consider:

The celebrity in the room could be you!

Art was mixed with other meaningful pieces to create an interesting wall.
Looks like somebody loves Brooklyn,DNA art and martinis.

Interesting cropping can create some pretty creative art that could spark conversation over coffee.

Link: The Ten Cent Designer

Have a blank wall that is art needy, but waiting for something special?

Link: Leibowitz and Mclachlan on Desire to Inspire

Don't forget the family pet! He becomes interesting art as well
when enlarged.

Create Martha Stewart Living

Is your family room empty because you are waiting for a great piece of art?
Don't you love  voyeuristic quality of this art?

Photo Credit: Katie Kunz
Not sure what to say about this art in the breakfast room of designer Karen Walker and her husband creative director, Mikhail Gherman, but no one would argue that it is interesting.  I tried to find the artist's name, but had no luck. Anyone know?  Please tell me if you do, so I may properly credit.  This picture came from The Shelby but no credit listed.
Home of designer Karen Walker & Mikhail Gherman as seen on The Shelby

If you are into the gallery wall look, here are a couple of options that
take it to another level from the average gallery.. 
Your art can go from this:
Dimples and Tangles Blog

To This:
Credit: I Heart Faces

Companies like I Heart Faces can take your photographs and create digital images for display.  The options are endless.  Look on line for the type art you want to create and you will find lots of options.

 A  gallery wall can become interesting when created with enlarged vintage photographs. The same could be done with family photos. The key to making this look is  to make all the photos black and white to create unity.  The awesome trio of lighting elevates this gallery wall into an art installation statement.
Credit: Fresh Home

Mary Schannen, a photographer who writes the blog, Melange Photography
Created this amazing gallery wall in her office of her children.  The art fits together like puzzle pieces.  

Look What I made on Be Funky

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  1. Lisa, I love the over sized images of the children. Great ideas and great post!

  2. Gorgeous post, Linda. I think big art is better too!
    Happy Friday.

  3. Lisa-
    I have an image of my daughter I want to paint on a large canvas in shades of gray.
    Hope you are on the mend...lisa.
    happy weekend.

  4. Just caught up with your last post...
    This is the best one yet. Love ALL the suggestions!
    The BEST....HILLER!!!

  5. Love the large art ... am doing something similar with a photograph of roses right now for a client! Loving the look!! xo

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