Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lesson #1 Making a House a Home...

   Our lives are always in transition, therefore our homes are in constant transition as well.   Our family, decor, likes and dislikes all change with over time.    One of the ways we can find security in our changing world is to surrounding ourselves with things that bring us joy, whatever the stage of life. 

Often, we are think if we can just get that new car, get to the next stage in life, get those new lamps, we will be happier.  Things don't make us happy.  My guess is that you will throw out those lamps, before you would
 your child's first grade art!  

  Dig out your children's art, your art, your hubby's art, parents , your niece's art,etc.  It doesn't be a Rembrandt, any art will do.  Make a really cool gallery with art from the people you love! 

How great would this be in a play room, hallway,family room, breakfast room...

Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Art by big brothers or big sister would make great art for their sibling's nursery!
Credit: Lonny Magazine
If you aren't into the cutesy look ...
Children's art can have a more clean line look when reduced in size and 
organized in a large frame like the collages of Jan Eleni,  NYC 
Credit: Jan Eleni
 There are other ways art can be displayed to bring you joy in your home.  If you don't want to display family art on your walls, how about creating a book of your  family's art?  This would be a great gift for a grandparent.  It can be proudly displayed on a side  or coffee table for viewing .
Credit Tonya Staab

You could do something really amazing like Pamela Bell, one of the original four partners of Kate Spade,  who created a special memory for her 12 yr old's birthday party by allowing the birthday girl and guest to draw on her John Derian sofa which was still only covered in muslin.  They created a "graffiti sofa" which is one of a kind and a real conversation piece.   The art was done with fabric markers.  Can you imagine the conversations over that sofa?

While the party guest and birthday girl worked on the sofa, her son painted a chair of his own.

Credit: Phil Mansfield for The New York Times

The final product.... unique, priceless, magnificent!  

All you need for this project is fabric markers and a muslin chair.
 Ikea has several well priced chairs that would be great painted this way!
Who knows may be this will be a Christmas present for someone special!
IKEA Hovis


   Yes, Granny just might have to have a paint class with her grandchildren and paint a chair!  After all, she claims to be in the business of "making memories".   
Or may be we will just make a big tablecloth and let the whole family paint it!
Wouldn't it be fun to paint a table cloth  for each holiday to
 give as a gift to a loved one?

The way you choose to incorporate your family's artwork into your home
is only limited by your imagination!

Sneak peek of the one of several ideas coming up...
Via Carter Kustera

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  1. SO agree! Great photos and awesome quote!

  2. "Family" art is priceless!
    But that sofa/chair idea.....WOW what fun that would be. I can just imagine the fun those kids had! Love it! To be honest, my kids wouldn't believe I was for real if I had done this. Wish I had! It would be the " FAMILY LEGEND" handed down from one generation to the next!

    1. You stay up as late as I do! Boy, guess since I still have pneumonia, I'd better hit the hay! LOL! my blog had hiccups today and it took me forever to post this! have a great day patty!

  3. This is such a cute post, and so true. I save all the birthday art form our nieces and nephews, some of them are pretty enough to have blow up and put on canvas!

    1. Thank You Elizabeth! You should frame that art!!!

  4. Great ideas, Lisa! I love the fourth photo....Jan Eleni. Very cool ~

    1. I love that one too Loi! You could do that with some of your photographs and it would be really cool!!

  5. what a cute and fun post Lisa! Look forward to meeting you at High Point at the style spotter party!!



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